The Fun Facts of Money, From The Begining To The Future

If one thing we as a human share in common is the desire to have money. Money is everything, although some may disagree with this term. But whether you like it or not, you will always need money to survive in this world. Do you need shelter, food, and clothes? Then you need money to get them all. Money is the great tools in human history, it has bound us all throughout the centuries. It’s the tool that makes us civilized and thrives. But there’s the little fun facts about money that you might haven’t known it yet. So today, I want to share with you some of the fun facts of money. Keep reading below for further interesting information.

The Fun Facts of Money

1. It All Start From The Primitive Age


When you want to know anything about money, you need to take a look at the very first time of the human race. The rise of money first begins when our primitive ancestors begin bartering goods for other goods they need from each other. At this moment, the very first transaction if trade begin. And for the time goes, the need for some currency begins.

2. A long Time Ago, Money Could Be Anything

Money Could Be Anything

Before there were bank system, human use anything as money like beads, pearl, shells, or pretty much anything. They used that kind of things as currency to trade with each other. Don’t be a laugh when you know that the ancient people trade goods with a seashell you can find on the beach. If today’s currency like that, we were all rich right?

3. It All Begin In Greece


If we want to know the all about the system of first civilization, Greece is the place where it all begins. The use of silver or gold coin as a currency begins here. The Greek people use silver and gold coin as the currency to keep the world of trading rotate.

4. The First Paper Money

The First Paper Money

The cradle of the first paper money started from the Mongolian empire ruled by Kubilai Khan. He created the first paper money, it big and pretty much very different with today’s money. He spread the use of money with the power of his military forces. When the first money was introduced, a lot of people are so worried about it because they never suspect to trade their Rubi for a sheet of paper. But whether they like it or not, the new paper money must keep going on.

5. The Future

The Future of Money

In today’s globalization era, money is almost invisible. The flow of the currency happens on non-stop 24/7. We trade our money for some goods that we need virtually. We no longer need to use the physical money, all we have to do to trade something is just a push of a button.

The world is fastly growing, and all of the evolution happened because of the help of money. That’s all the fun facts of money that I want to share with you. See you next time for more interesting information.

4 Renewable Energy That We Can Use Without Limitation

We live in the world where everything is powered by energy, and most of that energy comes from fossil fuels. The fuel that came from the fossil is an efficient way to produce energy till date. But, the usage of that substance is no longer be dependable. Sooner or later, fossil fuels will run out from our world. Human is an intelligent species. We can find another source of energy such as nuclear. Nuke can be used as a reactor to produce energy but it also came with unwanted negative side effects. We can’t fully control nuclear. We need some other renewable energy that doesn’t have negative side effects. And that solutions are already in front of our eyes.

So today, I want to talk to you about this renewable natural resources. Free from any kinds of hazardous materials that can harm us. What are those renewable sources? Keep scrolling down below and together we will learn about them.

4 Renewable Energy Sources

1. The Sun

The Sun

If we looking for some energy that is renewable and sustainable, the answer is easy. Just take a look at the sky and see the bright light from our sun. A long time ago, we were unaware that the star in our solar system is the key to human survivability. The sun provides us with heat that we need to survive on this planet. And as the technology evolved, we can turn the heat from the sun into any kinds of energy we pleased, such as electricity for instance. With the invention of solar panel, now we can have electricity with using the traditional power plant sources which used coals and fossil fuels.

2. Waste


When we eat something, we must get it out again, right? And that waste product is something that we can use as the renewable energy. Humans or animals produce waste as the way of the metabolism. Waste contain something called methane. It’s the same gas as in fossil fuels. With a little help of technology, we can turn waste into energy either it’s for electricity or we can make a fire of it which is used for cooking and much everything else.

3. The Wind

The Wind

If you go to a beach you can feel the breezing winds that swipe over your face. Winds generate motions and motions could be used to empower a generator which could be used to produce electricity. That’s why today we see lots of windmill on the beach or valley where the winds are strong in that area.

4. Water


Same as the wind, flowing currents of water in the river can produce electricity for mankind. How’s that work? We put some kind of the wheel in the water and the water will rotate it because of the currents and that rotation will generate motions and that motions are used to powering the generator. And that generator is used to generate electricity to our needs.

So there, all the four free and renewable energy that can help sustain our lives on this planet. From now on, we as the human need to think that all the renewable sources are free and why do we still use the ineffective fossil fuels? Let’s hope for the better mankind in the future.

4 Unique YouTube Channels In The World Today

We all know YouTube right? A place where you can see millions of videos from almost any categories you can imagine. This piece of entertainment has entertained us for several years since it’s first launched on 2005. Millions of videos from education, action, to humor are all here. But the real piece of work behind it all is the people who made the videos. Without them, YouTube is nothing but an empty site. As of today, lots of contents we have seen in the YouTube Channels. Some of them are unique, different from the rest. People are getting more creative and imaginative to provide us with something entertaining.

Today, I want to share with you all the unique YouTube Channels that showed us some of the hilarious contents we have ever seen. Want to know what are they? Keep scrolling down below to see them all.

4 Unique YouTube Channels Worldwide



HISHE stands for How It Should Have Ended is a channel which showed us a content about the movie. What makes it so special is that this channel entertains us with their commentary about how a movie should have ended in the way that lots of people want. The channel showed us their commentary in animation form. This content is not purposed to criticize or promote a movie. It’s just purely for entertainment.

2. Honest Trailer

Honest Trailers

This YouTube Channel is almost the same with HISHE but this one is just purely commenting the movie without making any animation. What makes this channel hilarious is the way the commentator sound his voice. The voice is so awesome. It’s unique because they made the content with commentary about a movie and make jokes out of it. This channel has more than a million subscribers.

3. Linus Tech Tips

Linus Tech Tips

This channel is more to a computer product review. What makes this different from the rest is that Linus Tech Tips analyze deeply into the product. They are really honest about what they are reviewing. It gives us a clear look onto a computer product that you might want to purchase. So, if next time you want to buy some electronic products but you want to know the detail information about it, take your time to watch some videos at Linus Tech Tips.

4. PewDiePie


Well, we all know this guy. He is one of the most famous people on YouTube and he is famous for his game review channel. He is a person full of hilarious commentary. PewDiePie has over a million subscribers but the words said that he lost some of his subscribers. But one thing that I don’t agree with this guy because he tends to said some bad words when he reviewing a game. And that is bad for children who watch his videos.

That’s all the four YouTube Channels that what I want to share with you today. They are the creative and imaginative people who get lots of money because if their creativity. If you want to be like them, use all the imaginative thinking you got in your head. Be creative and that’s how you make money.

Things To Know About Private Military Company

Lots of activities happened in this world and war is one of it. Talking about war, it’s something that never changes. If there’s one thing that changes in term of war is the people involved in it. And today, we know something that’s called the private military company or private military contractor (PMC). Not everyone knows about this stuff, and today I want to share a bit or two about this PMC thing. Want to know about that? Keep scrolling down below to know more.

Things To Know About Private Military Company

1. PMC is a Private Thing

PMC Is Private Things

A nation may have a unit of army of itself and that is the legit military unit to know. But on the other hand, PMC is something that belong to one person only. It’s made by someone with their own budget, out of the government costs. So, while the country’s military is funded by the government, PMC is personally funded. And PMC earn their income by any contracts they were hired.

2. There Are Lots of PMC In The World

Lots of PMC In The World

There isn’t just one military contractor in this world, there are many of them just for you know. A country like United States of America, UK, and Russia probably own some of it. Some of the most famous PMC are Blackwater USA, Northbridge Services Group, Triple Canopy, AEGIS Defence Services, and much more.

3. The Legalities Is Black and White

The Legality of PMC

Many people around the world are now questioning the legality of this so-called military contractor. They questioning it because when the PMC is working on the field, they have no clear ROEs (Rules of Engagements). Without a clear ROEs, it can be said that PMC can do whatever the hell they want to in their duty. And that is what make them a little bit suspicious in my opinion. There are some countries in the world that prohibit the forming of a military contractor.

4. PMC Involved In Some of The Famous Armed Conflict

PMC In Armed Conflict

A military contractor is not just a fancy unit to secure something. They are the tip of the blade when the government doesn’t want to use its legal military unit to do some the agenda. And from what I have read and seen, PMC Involved in an armed conflict such as in the war in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other middle Eastern territories. They are involved in such war because the government has contracted them to do that. The different between the national army and PMC is the uniform. That’s how you tell the different between them.

5. The Members of PMC

Members of PMC

The unit inside the private military company is diverse. From an ex-militaries to former police officers or anyone that has an armed combat training. Everyone can join the PMC if they are willing to put their lives on the line for some huge paycheck.

So there are all the basic things that you need to know about PMC, my friends. Now you know what is a military contractor and what they do and who are they exactly. But honestly, there’s a lot more about it that I myself don’t know about. But one thing for sure is that PMC is a company that monetizes war. I don’t if it’s something good or bad. When it comes to finding a livelihood for our family, we intend to do anything to have it fulfilled.

The Best Places To Organize Your Wedding

Planning your wedding or you imagining where would you marry your loved ones? Well, I have a few option for you about the best places to organize your wedding. Marriage is something special in every human life. For that, I know that everyone wants their wedding to be remembered for the rest of their lives. Planning where you will hold your wedding is something that we can’t underestimate. Why? Because it’s an event once in a lifetime. Today, I want to share with you the ideal places to held your wedding. See all my recommendation below.

The Best Places To Organize Your Wedding

1. Beaches


Imagine that your wedding in the beautiful beach with white sands all over the place. The reason I choose beach as the first recommendation because it has the best thing it can offer to your special moment. Beach has a nice view, sunset landscape, and the breezing waves that add more romantic sense to your wedding. If you looking which is the best beach in the world, I can recommend you Kuta beach in Bali, Indonesia. It’s one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Perfect for your special wedding.

2. Garden


A simple garden in your house backyard could magically turn into a beautiful place for your wedding. A lot of people choose this for holding their wedding. It’s not a bad idea to choose a garden, plus it will decrease your budget. You only need to spend some cash to do a renovation to your garden and everything is ready for your special event. I myself would prefer this if my house has a decent garden but unfortunately, I don’t have it so I might choose somewhere else.

3. Hotel Ballroom

Hotel Ballroom

It is probably the easiest and the most common solution for you if looking a place for a wedding. Many people choose this, but one thing that you need to keep in mind is the budget you need to spend. The more luxury the ballroom is, more expensive it would be. There’s a benefit if you choose ballroom. One of the benefits is that you don’t need to redecorate it again. And often, a hotel ballroom already offered you the wedding organizer, so everything is taken care of. Just remember to prepare your cash for that.

4. Forrest


This one place is quite unique because it uses the set of the forest. Forest could be the ideal place for you to organize your wedding. With little decorations here and there you can turn it into a natural wedding place. If you choose this, you will have a unique special moment in your life. But unfortunately, there’s a little side of bad thing for this option. You can risk ruining your wedding day with the rain down. Your wedding moment can go south if rain happened on that day.

Well, that’s all my recommendation about the best places to organize your wedding. I think every place could be suitable for your wedding if you can decorate it perfectly. Just remember to calculate your budget before you choosing a place for your special moment.

The Best Holiday Spots In Indonesia

Do you have a big plan for the next holiday season? Got big budget? Well, I have some suggestions of the best holiday spots Indonesia. I want to share you all the best place for enjoying your holiday in this world. The spots that I’m about to share with you is honestly the place that I want to visit too. The problem is that I just don’t have the budget to go there. So, for you who got the budget, here’s the list of my recommendation.

The Best Holiday Spots In Indonesia

1. Jakarta


Well, I recommend this first because Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia so it deserves to be number one. Although we all know that Jakarta is a city full of traffic jam and pollution, there are also many beautiful places in Jakarta like the Thousand Islands (Pulau Seribu) where it hides a beautiful scenery of white sandy beach. Or if you prefer your holiday in a theme park, this town has Dufan where you can play with many attractive rides including the roller coaster. Or you can visit the Old Town where you can see the heritage of the old Jakarta many years ago.

2. Komodo Island, East Nusa Tenggara

Komodo Island

Want to spend your holiday seeing the most beautiful also dangerous animals? Then you need to go to East Nusa Tenggara, to Komodo Island to be exact. Here, you can see the endangered Komodo Dragon, a lizard-like reptile with venomous saliva. This reptile can only be found on this island. That’s why the island is called Komodo Island. It’s the preservation place for Komodo species. There is no other place on Earth having this Komodo Dragon.

3. Yogyakarta


There are many reasons why you should visit this spot when you are on holiday. It’s a place where you can see the beautiful places, eat some indigenous foods, and shop traditional stuff. If you are looking for foods and shopping, go to Malioboro street where you can find lots of traditional foods. Once your stomach is full, you can fulfill your lust for shopping by walking around the streets where you will find lots of stores to buy antique stuff. If you would like something extreme, you can go to the Parang Tritis beach. This beach known for its horrible waves. It has claimed many lives over the years.

4. Raja Ampat, Papua

Raja Ampat

Many people said that this is the most beautiful place on the planet and they are right! Raja Ampat is the beautiful place for you who love diving and love underwater photography. It’s beautiful place because it has a plenty variety of coral reefs and diverse species of fish. So, the next time you wish to do diving on your holiday, remember Raja Ampat as your spot.

And that’s all the best holiday spots in Indonesia. All those four recommendations are just some of the beautiful places in Indonesia. You can find more places of you visit this country by yourself. See you all next time for more interesting information. Have a nice day.

Tips Playing Modern Combat 5, Friendly Guides For Beginner

It has been 2 years since I first play this online FPS game. I’m not proclaiming that I’m a pro in this game, but at least I don’t die so often. Want to hear some tips playing Modern Combat 5? Well, keep scrolling below if you hate being killed all the time. The tips that I’m about to tell you is purely from my own experience. When I played a free-for-all match I managed to be the number one with the score 30 kill and Zero death.

Tips Playing Modern Combat 5

Modern Combat 5 Game

1. Level UP

This is the first basic thing to do when you start to play Modern Combat. Don’t be disappointed when you get killed so often when playing a match. All that matters when you play as a newbie is level up. Keep progressing through the level and don’t mind the kill score because when I first l play this game I got a terrible kill/death score. Think the kill score as your motivation to get better playing the game.

2. Choosing Class

This is the reward when you keep leveling up. Each time you level up to a certain level, you can unlock a new class. The basic classes which you can unlock for free via level progression are Assault, Recon, Support. Pick one of your favorite class and start to learn all the curve of its class. I myself prefer Recon because it has the passive ability to sprint and your weapons can keep pointed on the center. This ability is my favorite because you can keep running and shooting at the same time. And the additional benefit is that Recon weapon is a submachine gun which it has great fire rate, good for close to medium range.

3. Arrange Your Loadout

When all your classes are already unlocked, the thing you need to setup now is the loadout. Arrange it with any weapons you like so when in the match lots of people using a shotgun, then you can change it on the go.

4. Mod Your Weapons

Modding your weapon is the great way to increase the potential of your weapon. A basic weapon only deal in a little to medium damage. But when you modded it, it can deal a tremendous fatality to the enemies.

5. Train Your Aims

With all has been prepared, only one thing left, and that is train your aiming. A good class and great weapons will be outmatched when your aim is to suck. So, the answer for that is by always train your shoot. Aim for the head and you’ll see the enemies will be mowed down Infront of your eyes.

6. Master The Map

There’s no better advantage playing this game besides knowing all the map layouts. Keep playing for days and months so you can remember all the layout on each map in the game. Get to know all the angles, curves, and hide spot so you can get advantage from your enemies. So, master the map and play smart!

That’s all the tips and tricks from me. I hope it’s useful for you in your gameplay. All in all, keep practicing until you get the full grip playing this game.

How To Overcome Boredom While Working, Some Simple Solutions Here

We all have this feeling of bored when we work. When we bored while work, we can’t think and do the job effectively. There are some activities that you can do to overcome boredom while working. Want to know what activities? Keep scrolling down below because today we’re going to talk about this until we have totally eradicated our bored feelings.

Activities To Overcome Boredom While Working

1. Take a Break

Take a Break

This is the most obvious activity you must do when things get really annoying at work. Your brain needs to relax for a while. You can’t keep force it to work all the times. I myself work as a writer and whenever I feel bored, I stop writing and take a break. What I mean to take a break is that you don’t do anything, just sit down and relax for a while.

2. Listen To Some Music

Listen To Music

When you are bored, you’ll feel tired and your mind is closed like a door, you need to open it again. And the way to do that could be listening to some music. The music you should choose could be anything depends on your preferences. If you like something relaxing, try some slow rhythm music. Or if you looking to inject some adrenaline into your body and mind, you can choose something loud and fast like metal music for example.

3. Eat Some Snacks


There’s no better way in this world to refill your empty bored mind with some delicious snacks. Eat some of that while you work and the source of idea and inspiration will rejuvenate like a fresh plant. So, the next time you work and feel bored and empty, start to eat some snack okay. That is working for me though.

4. Do a Little Exercise


When you think, your brain required some oxygen to keep it working. And when you’re bored, you are running out of ideas and your brain feels kinda slowing down isn’t it? When that happens while you were working, you can do a little exercise to keep the oxygen circulated to your brain. Once you do that, you’ll regain your ideas and fully work again.

5. Sleep


Do this solution only as the last resort guys. If you always do this while you were working, you will have more trouble than you can ever imagine from your boss. So, do this once in a while only. Sleep is a good solution when you are bored and don’t have any ideas anymore. When you are sleeping, your brain will somehow, regain its full functionality. This solution could be effective if you are a freelancer and working from home.

6. Take a Cup of Coffee

Drink Coffee

Caffeine, the answer for everyone whose bored, tired, and zero ideas. This little substance really gives our brain some boosts. Many people have proved the effectiveness of caffeine inside a coffee to help them improve their brain energy. On the other hand, this could be a problem in the future because as we all know that too much caffeine is not good for our health.

Toy Blast Free Coins, I Want To Show You The Way Get Free Coins

Hello, friends, we meet again today and I want to share with you, my experience playing Toy Blast. Anyone knows this addictive puzzle game? I’ve been playing this game for 3 months probably. I keep playing this game because this game really keeps me going. This game is all fun until I noticed that I require lots of Toy Blast free Coins. I always need the Coins to buy all the power-ups which can benefit me in the gameplay. The power ups really help you to win the game.

But, Coins is hard to get you know. You either wait for it, watch some annoying ads, or you buy it with real cash. That is the true fact of this puzzle game. But, a miracle happened. My friends recommend me to go looking for the way to get the Coins for free without all the grind.

The Story How I Get Toy Blast Free Coins

Toy Blast

Three months since the first time I have played this game. At first, I don’t have any problem, but as I keep progressing I realize that Coins is really determined you whether you win or lose. Desperate and frustrated, I looking for a way to get some Coins. Watching ads, do some achievement and whatnot, but still, I lack the Coins.

So, I took some time to wander the internet to search for some Coins for Toy Blast. And all of the sudden, I found a website that offers me a way to get the Coins for free. The site looks really promising, with all the features and all the proof it showed me. The proof showed me that a lot of people have already used that tool and they really get the Coins. I said to myself, WOW, that’s an easy way to do. Curious and desperate, I decide to use the tool from that site. I follow the instructions to get the free Coins and within 2 minutes I can’t believe what I’m seeing. I saw lots of Coins in my game account! Finally, a miracle happened to my game.

I really get the Coins I requested from the tool. Do you want to be lucky like me? You should use that and get those Toy Blast coins hack to your account. I almost can’t believe what just happened. I saw all the Coins I requested arrived in my account. Now I really having fun with the game than ever before. All these thanks to that generator site. Go ahead, try that tool I recommend you. And after you use that, tell me what do you think about that in the comment section. When you have already used it and get the Coins, your whole gameplay experience will be changed forever.

That’s all the story from me today. Let me know if you have already got free Coins, leave your comments below. I hope the next time I have something interesting to share with you. See you later my friends, may the odds be ever in your favor.

The Most Delicious Food In Indonesia, Check My Blog Today

Indonesia, the most diverse nation in the world. With more than thousand culture inside this big country. With a plethora of culture, so the variety of food this country has. I’ve tasted some of the most delicious food in Indonesia and I will share it with you all here today. So, if you want to know which food is the best from this archipelago country, keep scrolling down below. I’m Indonesian and I proud of the diversity of culture in my country. And in that diversity, lies lots of delicious food. Stretching from the island of Sumatra and to Papua. Here I want to share with you some of the best food in Indonesia. I can’t cover every food in my country, I just show you some of it, so check it out.

The Most Delicious Food In Indonesia

1. Rendang


Well, this one would be one of my favorite food in Indonesia. Rendang is the perfection of food. It’s a meat cooked with plenty of local ingredients and it tastes spicy, but not so spicy. If someone cooked this right, Rendang could be soft and delicious to eat with some hot rice.

2. Nasi Goreng

Nasi Goreng

Some said that Nasi Goreng or Fried Rice is basically coming from the Chinese but I don’t know exactly where it’s coming from. What I know is that these dishes is so unique. Usually, a fried rice is consists of rice, eggs, spice, or mixture with sausage and meatballs. In fact, you can mix almost any food with fried rice and still, it will taste so delicious to eat.

3. Nasi Uduk

Nasi Uduk

This one is so simple yet so delighted to eat. It’s just a simple rice but cooked with some local ingredients. Usually, Nasi Uduk is served with some noodles, fried rice, and some fries. This is one of my favorite food because it’s simple enough but make my tongue dancing.

4. Gado-Gado


You may be confusing that you mix some greenery vegetables and peanut sauce is something that actually good to eat. This is Gado-Gado, a mixture of vegetables in a sauce made of peanut.

5. Sayur Asem

Sayur Asem

It’s a soup but with a sour taste. Although it’s sour, but it tastes amazing in your mouth. It’s a mixture of some vegetables inside the soup. I can’t mention all the vegetables but the only think that I recognize is corn. This soup is a chunk of corn inside.

6. Semur Jengkol

Semur Jengkol

For some people in Indonesia, this food is best of the best. This food is basically a vegetable¬†cooked with peanut sauce. It is the best food for those vegetarian people. It is taste like meat bu it’s actually vegetables, so it’s good for your health. But beware, eating Semur Jengkol will make your breath stinks like a toilet.

So, that’s the list for the most delicious food in Indonesia. Like I said, that is just a few delicious food that came from this beautiful country. I can’t tell you all the food in Indonesia because it’s just too much you know. I just tell you all the food that I have tasted it before. So, that is all from me today. See you next time for another interesting information from me.