7 Top Annoying Movie Cliches of All Time From These Decades

For you movie fans who have watched hundreds or even thousands of movies, we may have been bored with it. The reason of this boredom is that movie today is a repetition of what’s before. Today, the movie has the similarity from each other, leaving us thinking, isn’t there anything else that the director can do instead of using the same movie cliches over and over again from time to time?

That’s what we will talk about. We’ll talk about all the movie jargon sameness through all the decades of movie making. The list is below.

7 Boring Movie Cliches Of All Time

1. Don’t Die On Me!

Don't Die On Me

Arrgghhhh…. We have heard this probably a thousand time from hundreds of movies in this decades. We always heard this when the protagonist or the supporting characters of the protagonist suddenly die after a fierce battle with the enemies or in the climax of the movie. They always said, ‘don’t you die on me!” Or “don’t you dare to close that eye”, or even maybe they said always said, “don’t go into the light”. Whatever the line is, we always get these cliches over and over again.

2. I Was Good Guy, Now I’m Bad Guy

Bad Guy

We’ve seen this action cliches more than we can remember. The protagonist rival was used to be a good guy, but then, something or someone has turned him to become super evil for the protagonist.

3. Revenge!


“You kill my family, prepare to die”, “You kill my dog, prepare to die!”, ” You ruin my pancakes, prepare to die!”. Those are the commonly used movie cliches within these two decades. The movie is just about someone doing some revenge because others have wronged the protagonist or the antagonist. And in the end, whether the main character will be dead, arrested, or just regret.

4. Noooooo!!


When Darth Vader found out that his beloved Padme is dead, he really screamed this so loud. When Wolverine stabs Jeane in X-Men 3 Last Man Standing, he also screaming so loud as he is a rock star band member. We had enough of this “Nooooo!” Cliches because we have seen it many times.

5. Do Bad Things For Good Reasons

Doing Bad For The Better Good

The unnecessary act from the protagonist where they must do such bad things for the greater good. Yeah yeah, we get all get it, you need to do that for the better of all. Once, we are so entertained with that, but if it’s so frequently, we are started to get bored. It’s time for something new Mr.Director, give us something new.

6. America! F*ck Yeah!


Oh man… We get this movie references a lot, especially from American movies. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with it, but it would be better if they are not too often putting these cliches in every movie they made. American movie only showing all the good and the perfect thing about America. They are always showing their strength by nuking other countries, killing aliens, and save the planet. It’s like the rest nations in the world can’t do anything about it.

7. Nazi Sucks!

Nazi Sucks

We know that Nazi is evil, but please stop making a movie about how sucks they are. Indeed they are evil, but I think there’s still some great about them. Whether it’s their tactical strength, weaponry strength, and much others. In the movie, we all see that Nazi can’t even land a bullet to their enemies. They just like the Red Shirt in Star Trek series. Just waiting to die no matter how good they are.

6 Keys To Be Successful In Life | All The Tips You Need To Do If You Want To Be Success

Everybody in this world has the hope to be a successful person. But some of us only dreamed it and not do anything to achieve it. A success is not taken easily, it needs a lot of hard work, dedication, and other supporting things. There are some keys to be successful in life that we all need to know if we want to thrive in our lives. So today, I want to share with you all the things you need to have in order to gain success in this world.

We live in a world where everything is a tight competition. There’s no place for the weak in this world. If you want to success, there are a long and painful way to cross. A success is not come in easy, if it is, then it’s not a success you got in your life. There are things you need to do get it and we will learn it together below.

6 Keys To Be Successful In Life

Tips To Be Successful

1. Be Bold

Don’t be a doormat. Sometimes we let other people step ahead of us and we let ourselves become a doormat for others. If we all want to success in this world we have to be bold, we have to dare to face everything in our sights. Don’t let others dictate you of what you should do.

2. Strong Commitment

If you said that you want a fish burger, then you should get yourself some fish burger and not a beef burger. Promise yourself what you want to promise and do everything to get what you want. Don’t be fooled by other influence that gapping between you and your goal. Think about what you want and you get the same thing you want, don’t ever have the change of heart.

3. Plan Ahead

In battle, victory is gained through a comprehensive strategy, a great plan. Same as in life, if you want to become successful, you need to have a great plan ahead. Target your desire, and plan it ahead. Calculate every possibility you will have and measures all the risk that will come to block you out.

4. Don’t Be Afraid To Lose

No pain no gain! No guts no glory! That is the words you need to take notes. Like I said before, there is no success in this world that is achieved easily. You need to have a sacrifice to get your success. If you failed, you must fail, and from the failure, we all need to learn to not to fall in the same failure again. If indeed you fail again, it is best if you failed in another matter, not the same thing again and again. The point is, don’t ever give up. Life will knock you down, but you need to get back up.

5. Know When To Rest

It is a fool to said sleep is for the weak. You’re a human for god sake. You are not a robot. Your brain needs to take the time to relax and refresh. Nothing better than having a nice sleep to recover your brain to refill it’s stamina again. If you pushed yourself too far, in the end, you will collapse and lose everything you have achieved.

6. Pray/Hope

If you are a religious person you need to pray, or even if you’re an atheist, you still need to hope for something better right? So, no matter who you are, religious or atheist, we all need to pray. We may have put our best efforts in our work, but in the end, there is a God’s will out there that can make you success or not. So, one of the most important keys to being successful in life is to pray.

4 Things To Consider Before Having A Pet | Be Smart Before Having One

Some animals are really cute and deserve a place in our home. We love animals because they tend to act so cute and funny. Animals like cat or dog, are the most favorable pets in our home. Are you planning to have a pet in your home? Well, before you decide that you want to having a pet, there are things to consider before you get one.

You can’t just go to a pet store and purchase an animal you love. You need some knowledge about the animals you want to pet first. Taking care of an animal may sound easy enough for some ignorant people. But the reality is that you need to really give all your heart to your pet. Treat them like they are part of your family. If you don’t, you just make them suffer more than you ever think. So today, I want to share with you about all the things you need to consider before petting an animal.

Things To Consider Before Having A Pet

Things To Consider Before Owning a pet

1. Time

If you are a busy person who has to work from the morning until the night, you won’t have much time for your pet. If you are this kind of person, it’s better that you don’t own a pet. Why? Because you have no time to spend your time to take care of your animal. Don’t have time to spend means that your pet will be desolated. When an animal is desolated, they tend to create a mess in your home to attract you. And when you find out that your home is in a mess because of your pet, then you’ll decide to throw them away like a garbage. That is why if you don’t have the time to take care your pet, you don’t consider to have one.

2. Money

Believe it or not, petting an animal will have you to spend some money. You need to spend for something like food, medication, and toys (maybe). Without money, if your pet is sick or doesn’t have any food, you can’t just give them human food. Yes, it may don’t make a difference, but in the long term, an animal whose eating the incompatible food will have the impact to their health. And when they are sick, you need to take them to the vets. Those things need money to be done. So, if you don’t have money, you better not having a pet, for the better of all.

3. Love

If you have a pet, love them and treat them the way they supposed to be treated. If you love an animal, the animal will love you back. But if you just ignored your pet or even hurting them, you only bringing them pain and suffering. Your pet can response to your ignorance and rude behavior by attacking you in a sudden moment.

4. Space

If you live in a tiny apartment, or small house, be wary if you choose to have a pet. Living in a tiny apartment with 2 dogs could be troublesome in the future. Animal like cat or dog needs some space to do their activities and dump their poop. And if you only have a small room in your apartment, you will have a mess inside. So, let’s just say that if you have all the money, love, and time but you don’t have enough space, you can’t effectively owning a pet.

Top 3 Unexplained Mysterious Things of The World | Mysteries Are Still Out There

We are living in a pretty big world from a perspective of a single human. And in this big world, there are something that just can’t be explained with logical sense. If you said that there are no more secrets and mystery left in this world, you are totally wrong. The fact is, there are still plenty of mysterious things left in this world to uncover. Today, we will talk about all the unexplained mysteries from every part of this universe.

Top 3 Unexplained Mysterious Things of The World

1. Bigfoot


There are still some believers of myth in this universe. And some of them believe that the existence of Bigfoot is real. But, what is it actually? Bigfoot is to believe as a creature or monsters that live on mountains somewhere in the United States. It’s a creature characterized by a giant body, big feet (of course), and hair all over its body. The theory believes that Bigfoot eats whatever he can find on the mountain or in the jungle. From vegetables to meat. Or maybe a human flesh if he could get one (maybe). But until today, no one could ever find the real evidence of the existence if this mysterious creature.

2. Alien


Ahhh… This one mystery is the one that keeps the world interested for many years. First, I want to ask a question for you, do you believe in alien? If it was me, I would say I don’t believe. Why? The thing that I believe is that maybe there’s some other living organism outside our solar system but they are not as what we thought. The things we now about alien probably we got from movies. In movies, the alien is having sharp teeth, bizarre head shape, and want to destroy our Earth. The reality is probably a whole different than that but we will never know that because no one ever found the legit evidence of alien existence.

3. Bermuda Triangle

Bermuda Triangle

This one mysterious thing is still unexplained till date. Dozens of plane, ships, and maybe other things have gone when they passed Bermuda Triangle. It’s located between three locations, Florida, Puerto Rico, and Bermuda island. By the look, it doesn’t show anything wrong with waters, but many people believe the one that responsible for the disappearance of many ships and planes are because of the extraterrestrials (alien) or maybe because of paranormal activity. But in reality, many cruise ships and commercial airlines are passing this waters every year. And Bermuda island is one of the best holiday spots on this planet.

4. The Depth Of The Sea

The Deepest Trench

Humankind has broken their limits to space. We now have more knowledge of space things better than we have knowledge about our own planet. Take the sea for example. We know every detail of our satellite moon, but we still don’t know all about the depth of our own waters. The deepest depths of the sea is to be recorded on Mariana Trench. The depth of this ocean is more than 10.990 meters, it’s the deepest of all. And in the depth, many scientists believe that there are still undiscovered living creatures. Rumors said that the existence of Megalodon is here, in the deepest sea. And still, there are tons of other mystery within.

So, those are the top 4 unexplained mysterious things on our planet. Don’t ever think for a second that there are no more Adventures left in our world. The adventure and mystery are out there waiting for us to be undiscovered.

5 Technologies That Change Our Lives Upside Down, Check It Out Here

For decades or even centuries, our lives as humankind depend on technology. Technology is something which can ease our lives a little or big. And pioneers of technology have worked nonstop to create something newer and better to improve the quality of our lives. But before all the things we see today, we never suspect that is the technologies that change our lives.

Today, I want to share with you everything about the revolutionary technology that turns our ways of life upside-down. We’ll see all the phenomenal invention that gave birth to the modern world as we see today. To know more, let’s learn it below.

5 Technologies That Change Our Lives

1. Computer


The computer is basically something that helps us in computation. But, as the world grows, the computer has more functions than computing mere numbers. We have used a computer in many appliances in our lives. The invention of the computer really breaks through our limits of understanding of how the world works.

2. Internet


A long time after the first computer was created, the internet arrived. The early intention of the creation if the internet is to spy on other countries. It’s created in the middle of a cold war. And after the world tension is lowering, the function of the internet is changed. It’s something that truly revolutionizes our ways of life. The internet really pushed us to the edge of globalization. It is the thing that makes our world feel smaller and neater. You can find almost any information you need regarding any aspects of this world.

3. Lights


They said, ‘from the darkness, let there be light!’ that is the motivation of the first invention of light bulbs. We all need to thanks to Thomas Alfa Edison because he is the inventor of the first light bulb in the world. With his invention, we can still see the bright of lights even when the sun is setting down on the horizon.

4. GPS


The inventor of GPS has a very good intention for creating this invention. We will never be lost again traveling on this planet. The GPS has become more than just a tool to guide us. With other technology like a robot, we will have a robot that can do our shopping for us. The robot can go to a shop and do our groceries because it used the technology of GPS.

5. Smartphone


A long time ago, we still used a cabled telephone to communicate with other people from a far away place. But today, as we all can see, the existence of smartphone change it all. The smartphone is a true piece of the revolution of technology. It’s a complex combination of a computer system, GPS, and the internet. It’s the technology that makes our lives much easier than the last two decades where we need to do some work on a different media. But now, with a smartphone, we can do everything from work to play some entertainment all in one comfortable device.

So, those are the five technologies that change our lives from nothing to ever fulfilled like today. All of those technologies wouldn’t even be exist if one pioneer didn’t start it all. We all need to thanks to some of those big people that clearly make our lives easier than ever. But don’t ever think all of those technologies will make us lazier than ever too.

Top 3 Most Confusing Movies Of All Time

A movie is the best way for us to unleash our tension. The movie gave us the entertainment which can make us laugh, thrill, and sad at the same time. But more or less, we are still very entertained by it. As today, the movie has grown even bigger than we ever known in the last few decades. A movie can be a confusing amusement. This happened because today, the director of a movie tend to get deeper into the story plot and characterization. At least since the last decade, we have seen some of the most confusing movies ever made.

Today, I want to share with you all about some of those motion pictures that has a complicated movie timeline. I will show you four of those movies that make us wander too deep about what’s going on in the story. Let’s check them all out below.

Top 4 Most Confusing Movies Ever Made

1. Terminator Series


I have seen all the five movies of Terminator. From one to the last title called Terminator Genisys. From all the movies I still have one confusion and that is why after the first Terminator, they still hunt down John Connor? I mean, why would the robot try to kill Sarah Connor again in the past. Is it because when the first attempt failed you can’t do that again and jump back to the past? The Skynet should keep sending the robot to kill Sarah over and over again if they are failed. And when I saw the Genisys, I got more confusion than ever. That confusion is that how can John Connor back through time but as a robot? Man, all that plot makes no sense to me. Maybe if you know more about the plot, you can enlighten me in the comment below.

2. X-Men Series

X-Men Series

From all movie series that I have already watched in my entire life, there are no other complicated movies than the X-Men series. If you watched all the series, you can see that many characters are dead from time to time in the plot timeline. But then, all the sudden in the Days of Future Past, all the X-MEN members are back! They are all alive and wealth in Xavier’s School. After the confusion of the Days of Future Past, I get more confusion with X-MEN Apocalypse. Why after all they did in the last movie when everyone is come back to live like Cyclops, Jeane, Storm, and Professor X, they all now have to face another threat from a character called Apocalypse.

And after the X-MEN Apocalypse, the world shocked again with Logan. A movie that told another confusing movie plot where now all the X-Men are gone, left only Logan and Charles Xavier. With all those tangled timelines, these movie series are really the most confusing movies ever.

3. Interstellar


Not everyone can interpret this movie as easy as they imagine. The director Christopher Nolan is a great director that can make his audience wondering really hard inside their mind about what is going on in the movie. The basic idea of this movie is simple enough, a group of astronauts is searching for next potential Earth-like planet to inhabit because the Earth today is no longer capable of sustaining the human life.

Is that plot easy to understand yes? But as the movie reaching the end, Nolan is surprising the audience with a plot about some kind of five dimensions crazy stuff.

Call of Duty WWII Game, Will It Be Good or Just Another Absurd?

With all the hype in the gaming world, there’s nothing more hype than the news of Call of Duty WWII game. We have been let down by the release of COD Infinite Warfare, a game that mindlessly set a war in space. Now, Activision tries to redeem themselves by creating a game that is about the horrifying world war 2.

But, as we all learned from some of the Call of Duty franchises before, they all are the same in one concept, which is just the same bland future story about devastating war. Below I will share with you about all the nonsense titles from COD series.

1. Call of Duty Ghost

COD Ghost

Before COD goes on full future-style warfare, there was Ghost. A story about a war fought in the near future where the war begins when The oil-producing nations of South America, led by Venezuela, forming “the Federation” in response to the ensuing global economic crisis and quickly grow into a global superpower, swiftly invading and conquering America, the Caribbean, and Mexico. We all almost know how every COD games end right? All with the slo-mo event and we kill the bad guys and then the end!

2. Call of Duty Advanced Warfare

COD Advanced Warfare

This series became a hit only because it cast Kevin Spacey as the main villain of the story. Spacey play the role of Jonathan Irons, a CEO of the world’s most powerful military contractor that wage war to the modern world. From here, the journey of COD series begins to absurd. They went from a game about the ordinary war to all high-tech warfare. In this series, the players are introduced to the exoskeleton armors.

3. Call of Duty Infinite Warfare

COD Infinite Warfare

When Activision don’t know what to do with their franchise anymore, they create the COD in space! That is the true fact about the Infinite Warfare title. They are now creating a war in outer space. Full of starships, lasers gun, and robots. Some people still praise the game because it’s unique, but the rest don’t feel that way. What makes this title is a heartbreaking is that the fact about all the dislikes number in the trailers within YouTube. It reaches almost 2 million dislikes. I can’t say it’s bad or not, it’s just what others said about the game okay.

The Fresh Winds of Call of Duty WWII Game


Beaten by the famous Battlefield 1 from EA, Activision refused to surrender! They are now releasing the information about making the next COD game with the theme of world war 2.

But wait, does Activision have already released a COD game about WWII? Well, the answer to that question is YES. The developer has been already released it, but we don’t know why they making another WWII game again. Nevertheless, for whatever the reason is, I’m sure that every fanboy of COD franchise will be happy for the release of this game. We’ll see about that later when the dev releases a gameplay trailer about it okay. Let’s just hope that Activision won’t let down all of us again. Peace.

5 Tips Before Buy a Smartphone, Some Nice Suggestions Before You Purchase a Phone

In the world where we always are needed to stay connected, a presence of smartphone is a must. As an individual who always need to stay online or your work demands you to mobile, a smartphone is something that you should always have. You are a mobile worker now and you’re planning to buy a smartphone, but did you know which should you buy?

Today, I want to share something with you all about the tips if you want to buy a gadget. See all the tips below so you’re not buying the wrong phone

Tips Before Buy A Smartphone


1. A Great Processing Power

If you have a big budget to buy a phone, you better invest it to a smartphone which offers you a great processing unit. A smartphone with 2 GHz processing unit is a great phone to have. Almost all of us ask this question before we ever decide to want to purchase a phone. The clock speed of a mobile CPU is the determiner of the performance if the phone itself.

2. A Good Sound System

For music lovers, this the most important aspect because they want to listen to music from their smartphone with beautiful sounds. Many of the manufacturers of the smartphone are racing to provide a device with an amazing sound system with a reasonable price. Don’t choose the wrong product or you will end up with a phone that has a bad sound system.

3. A Nice Camera

Today is the age of selfie. A lot of people looking to buy a smartphone with amazing camera resolution on it. The purpose of choosing the best camera is to selfie. So, if you’re a selfie mania, you don’t want to buy a phone with crappy camera resolution.

4. A Strong Material

We have heard the news about a smartphone which is blown out while charging or not charging. This is one of the most important aspects of choosing the right product because it also risks our lives. Look for a phone which offers a great quality inside out. There’s a smartphone which can bend because of pressure or the screen can be cracked because of a simple fall down from a pocket. So, the best thing you do is to find a gadget that has strong materials.

5. Upgradeable OS

The operating system of Android and iOS as we know is always evolving. From time to time, they are evolving to make sure that their product stays on the top of the line. So, for you who want to buy a new smartphone, buy the one that offers you an upgradable OS. And also, find the phone manufacturer who always released the latest updates to their phones. Because updates can make your phone keep running on the top of its performance.

So, that’s all I can show you about all the tips before buying a smartphone. There are literally hundreds of choices for a smartphone in today’s world. All of them offers you different specifications, advantages, and disadvantages. Choose wise of you don’t want to end up buying the wrong phone.

The Top 4 Weirdest Shark Movies Ever Made In Humankind

Shark, it’s one of the most apex predators on the sea. They are special living creatures who eat their preys with a ferocious appetite. We as human has our own way to appreciate this wonder of nature. One of our ways to honor this creature is through the movie. Throughout the years, we have made hundreds of shark movies. I know that in the movie we look shark as really savage animals. But that was a just movie, right? It’s just for entertainment. Speaking of entertainment, there are some of a hilarious movies about shark this two decades. Today, I want to share with you about all the bizarre motion pictures about sharks.

Top Four Weirdest Shark Movies Ever

1. Sharknado


When someone came with the idea to create a movie about sharks and a tornado he/she is either a genius or hilarious person. When the script is made and all the pre-production is ready, this movie is also ready to rock the cinematic world. You might never think for a second that Sharknado received a good movie score on Rotten Tomatoes, better than any Marvel movies. The story about this movie is about a tornado that happened in the city of United States. But the tornado in this game also carrying sharks along the way and creating havoc along the path.

2. Mega Shark Versus Mecha Shark

Mega Shark Versus Mecha Shark

A giant shark is on the loose, the humans decide that the best way to handle this mess is to use a giant mechanical shark. They have the good plan to attack and kill the mega shark with the weaponry from the mecha shark. This movie is hilarious than action about killing the mega shark.

3. Sand Shark

Sand Shark

Shark lives in the ocean, that’s what we have already known for hundreds of years of our lives. But some movie makers decided that it would so much hilarious if there’s a movie about a shark that terrorizes the land. Yep, that movie is called Sand Shark. The story about this movie starts when an earthquake wakes up a prehistoric shark from underground and begin murdering people whose having a party. This movie is so funny because the graphics are more like an animation made from 20 years ago. If we’re talking about the acting quality, we can’t have much because all the actors in the movie are all unknown among the movie production world.

4. Three Headed Shark Attack

Three Headed Shark Attacks

The reason that this movie is known is because Danny Trejo played in this movie. We all know every movie Trejo was in is so bad-ass. But, when you watch this movie, you will hope you didn’t watch it. This movie started when some wacky scientist decide it would be a great to have mutated animals in their lab. But things gone wrong went a three-headed shark begin rising from the sea and terrorize the waters. This movie can’t be said as an action movie because the hilarious level inside is off the charts. You will most likely laugh when you see the shark with three heads in one body.

The Benefits of Globalization, The Effects That Help Us Evolved

All that happened in the world today is not far from the benefits of globalization. Globalization is the one thing that unites us all as one species of humankind. It’s the thing that connects and evolves us in every aspect of our lives. Without the globalization, we will never achieve everything in our lives today. In this modern era where everything is fast and worldwide, everything seems to be connected to each other. Aspects of transportation, politics, cultures, and economics have been synergies and sync by the power of globalization.

Today, I want to share with you all the benefits of the globalization that we have felt today. All the high-tech gadget, fast transportation, and the easy economic transaction is just a little example of the effect of globalization. To know more about it, let’s learn things together below.

The Benefits of Globalization

1. In Transportation


A century ago, we probably bever expect that we can travel from one place to another in a short time. Long ago, it used to take days just to travel from one island to another. But, since the world never stops evolving and thanks to globalization, we now have advance transportations like fast ships and airplanes. We now have cruise ships that can hold thousands of passengers at a time to travel across the sea with fast. And we now also have jumbo jets which can fly hundreds of people to another place in a short time.

2. Economics


A long time ago, our ancestors use almost anything to do an economic thing. They do barter with other people to get the stuff they need to survive and by the time, they use gold coins to do transactions. But today, as the world is getting united and closer than ever, the economic world also revolutionized. With the additional help of the internet, we now can transact virtually. We no longer need to always carry lots of cash around the city.

3. Politics


When talking about politics, we can take a look at Greek society. They are the cradle of civilization. The political system born here. And with the help of globalization, the information that spread across the globe can be easily received. And the information about the political system is also spreading all around the world without any obstacles at all, making it easily learned by many other countries.

4. Cultures


Perhaps this is the aspects that are very influential from the globalization of all. A few decades ago, we might not know what happened on the other part of the world. We don’t know what they are thinking and doing. They also wondering the same thing like us. But since time is kept going and going, the world is colliding with one united world.

Now, we all know what happened outside our home and they also know what happened to us. We share our cultures with them and they share theirs with us. It’s pretty delicate situations because when a different cultures collided, there will be some radical changes among a particular group of individuals.

So there, all the benefits of globalization that we have felt today and until the end of the world. As the Earth keeps spinning, the wheel of evolution will also keep spinning to make us head towards the things that we could never expect before. That’s all the information I can share with you all today. I hope it’s useful to increase our knowledge about what happened to the world.