Next Upcoming Movies, Check Them All Out Right Here!!

Hello movie junkie, what’s your plan for the next upcoming movies? I hope you all have the money to watch them all at your favorite theater. Prepare your wallet to be robbed as many cool movies will arrive these months. Want to see all that great movies? See the lists below guys.

Top Next Upcoming Movies To Be Released These Years

1. Thor’s Ragnarok

Ragnarok Marvel Version

Another hero movies from MCU. They never running out of ideas to create new hero movies. And Thor’s Ragnarok is ready to appease you momentarily on your nearest theater. We all have already watched the trailer right? We see that Mjolnir is destroyed and Thor is changing his hair style. When I first see the trailer I said to myself “WTF” this movie is hilarious. I can’t wait to see the full story in this trilogy.

2. Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 2

Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 2

The journey of Star Lord, Gamora, Drax, Rocket, and Groot is ready to greet you at your nearest cinema. The trailer has already published and we can see the glimpse what will the story about. But the thinks that really make some of us interested is that Groot is there but in a tiny form of a tree branch. I hope that in this movie, the mad Titan Thanos will do something instead just sitting around in a void space.

3. Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man Tell No Tales

Pirates of the Caribbean

Another movie, another villain. Now, the goofy captain Jack Sparrow has to solve his problem with his long forgotten enemy who we know as captain Salazar. From the trailer, we see that Salazar seek his vengeance to Jack because Jack had made Salazar cursed and be a ghost. I never got tired watching this pirate movie. They never fail to make laugh and thrilled at the same time. Oh, and don’t forget we will see William Turner again here as the captain of Flying Dutchman. This movie will be a box-office!

4. Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman

If we want to talk about this, we can’t be far away from the Justice League. It’s an Avenger team but DC’s version. But in this movie, we will only see Wonder Woman as the main story. It will tell the story how Gal Gadot became Wonder Woman. It’s like Superman but a woman.

5. Justice League

Justice League

DC is not giving up to the MCU. The war still rages on! Now, DC will release a team of heroes of their own. Filled with Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Flash, and Cyborg. This is the time that DC must make something to bring balance to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But in my opinion, this team is little outbalanced. Why? Because you got Superman and Batman in the team, that’s more than enough to solve all kinds of problems in the world.

6. Transformers: The Last Knight

Transformers, The Last Knight

I think I had enough with transformers movies since Sam Wickwicky is not around anymore. This movie has gone too far from the previous titles. But I think it’s still worth a shot right? From what we have seen in the trailer, we see that Optimus Prime is gone rogue, killing everyone in his sights even if it is Autobots. I hope Michael Bay didn’t screw this up.

Metal Music Is Not Good or Bad, It’s Something More

Music is our way to escape the reality or just simply to express our feelings and thoughts to the world or just our surroundings. Music has evolved to many forms from time to time. Suddenly, now we have lots of music genre, and metal is on of them. Metal music is something that I want to talk about today. I feel a little connected to metal because it has its own way to show the feeling you feel about the world.

Metal is more than just screaming and yelling. If we looked at the lyrics, we’ll see that metal has something serious about the lyrics. It’s the artist’s way to show their reason to reject the current government system.

Metal Music Is Not Good or Bad, It’s Something More

Don’t judge boom by its cover, that what some people said about something or someone. And in metal, you can’t judge it by the look. Of course, that metal music is not something common in people’s ears. It’s a music which can hurt your hearings. Metal is not for everyone, but the lyrics of metal is something beautiful. What I mean beautiful is that the lyrics are so reflecting the reality of the recent world.

From Womb To Waste, Dying Fetus

Dying Fetus

That is the title from a metal band called Dying Fetus. They are death metal where everything is all about death and misery. But if we take a look at the lyrics and comprehensively read it, it tells about the reality in our society about abortion. The lyrics expressing the rejection of a system that legalizes abortion. The lyrics portrays the bad things about abortion and make humans is one of the worst species for killing the infant. That is just an example of the beauty of metal lyrics. I said beauty because it’s beauty in its own way. It really reflects reality in our society.

B.Y.O.B System of A Down

System Of A Down

The B.Y.O.B stance for Bring Your Own Bomb. This song has a strong rebellion sense. The lyrics questioning the government system. It emphasizes in questioning the government why that the young and poor is the ones that have to die in the war. System of A Down is notorious for its strong satyr lyrics that criticize the controlling government.

God Is Dead, by Ozzy Osbourne

Ozzy Osbourne

From the lyrics we all think that this song is a blasphemy to religion and God. Part of me say yes, but the other said no. I said yes it’s a blasphemy because God is not dead! But if we take a deep analysis of the lyrics, it has a different meaning. The lyrics tell a story about a person who desperately searches for some kind of principle to hold on to. He asks himself is God alive or dead. And in the end, he still hesitates about that. So the lyrics are not really mean to insult the God in particular religion. Instead, this lyric is a story about a man looking for a God!

So you see, we can’t judge metal music as straightly bad. There’s always a good thing on every side. In my opinion, metal lyrics is the way you express your hatred to the unjust and the evil rooting in the world. Metal is the simple answer if you want to say something that can’t be said publicly.

The Gaming World Is Evolved, Is It Getting Good or Bad?

The released of The Division, GTA V, Destiny, and other major AAA gaming title has made the gaming world vastly grow. Each of those great games has their own play style and uniqueness. But, honestly, is the world of gaming had been better or it is getting worse? That is what we will talk about today. We’ll analyze that is the gaming world getting better or the other way. If it goes bad, whose to blame? The gamers or the developer?

Since the decades ago, the game has been evolved from time to time. It evolves almost on every aspect of a game like the graphics, gameplay, and the story that it offers to the players. We tend to say that games from the console like PlayStation 1 is way much better than the game from nowadays. It’s better because it feels really like a game. It has a good story and great gameplay mechanics. But, does that mean that games from these days are bad? No! It’s not what I mean here.

It’s not fair to say that old game is better and new games suck or vice versa. In my opinion, a game can be great or sucks is depends on ourselves. But that’s just my opinion, what if we describe this more with other reasons.

The Gaming World, Is It Getting Good or Bad?

  • The Reasons For Gaming World is Getting Good


If gaming is getting good, perhaps it is because of all the great graphics and also great gameplay from the games. We must admit that the big game developers have delivered us many great AAA titles. And all of them, I can say pretty great. The graphics and gameplay are much more complex than the games from decades ago.

The gaming world is getting good is also because of the feedback from the player base itself. We, gamers are the ones that contribute much to the gaming world because we give feedback to the developer. Without any feedback, the developer won’t find the way to appease us in their game.

  • The Reasons For Gaming World Is Getting Worse


If we think that the game industry is getting worse, it could because of the game developer. The dev of the game is making an unfinished product, sell it, and grabbing all the money they can from their customers. This method has been annoying the gamers community for a recent time. The dev published an unfinished game with lots of glitch, bug, and fatal error. And then they will promise that it will be fixed soon but the reality is they don’t fix that. That is what makes the gaming world is getting sucks day by day.

Another reason for this unpleasant facts is because or the gamers itself. I mean, I don’t try to blame anyone, I just want to share my opinion. The gamers nowadays demand something that is always changing. For example, gamers ask for a modern game, but when it is released they change their mind and demands an old style game. That’s the main problem in the gaming industry. We as the buyers, need to, at least appreciate the game that has been created by the dev.

The Most Dangerous Animals in Australia, See Them Here

Ahhh, Australia the biggest nation in the world in terms if the territory. It is the biggest country because it’s a nation of its own continent. Besides being the biggest nation, it also the most dangerous place on planet earth. How’s is that possible? Today we will talk about the most dangerous animals in Australia.

Australia is the place of the most diverse animal’s habitat. It has spiders, lion, bears, venomous snakes, and pretty much more dangerous animals. This beautiful but deadly diversity is because of the effect of the crack of Earth’s plate thousands years ago. When the Earth is splitting so does the animals. And luckily, Australia got the biggest diversity when it’s occurred. So, voila! Australia has the most diverse animals on the planet. So, that’s what we will talk about today, about animals. I will tell all I know on the list below, check it out, guys.

The Most Dangerous Animals in Australia

1. SnakesSnakes

This one is obviously danger, isn’t it? Just for your information, Australia has more than hundreds of species of snakes in this continent. And the dangerous is the venomous ones. The Eastern Brown snake is the most dangerous snake in Australia. This snake can kill up to 100 adult human with its little dose of venom! And to make it worst, this snake often found among suburban area.

2. Box Jellyfish

Box Jellyfish

Never think for a second that if you are in the water you are safe, that’s totally wrong! If you’re unaware of your surroundings when you’re swimming on the beach, you can entangle with one if this death trap. A single touch from this jellyfish can kill you in the worst way possible. First, you will feel the enormous burning pain inside your body and then you start to have a seizure, and minutes later you died! If you want to avoid this death trap, there’s a solution for you that I got from NatGeo Wild. You should use pantyhose when you are swimming on the beach of Australia so the sting from box Jellyfish couldn’t penetrate to your skins.

3. Sharks


Remember the horror of Jaws movie? In Australian beach, if you didn’t notice your surroundings when you were swimming, you can be eaten by a shark! This apex predator has killed lots of humans over the years. So, the next time you swim in Australia, take a look at your surroundings for your own sake.

4. Kangaroo


Well, this one maybe cute animals, but trespassers beware this animal could hurt you pretty bad and even might kill you. The kick force from a single kangaroo could easily snap human bones! And this mammal also a threats to passing cars on the highway where they usually got hit by cars or trucks.

So, that’s all the most dangerous animals in Australia that I want to tell you today. There are still lots of other animals too actually but it’s too many to list them all here. So that’s just it. See you next time for more interesting information.

The Positive and Negative About Gadget, Best Info Here

Gadget, this little innovation of a human technology has benefited us in many ways that we never expected. A long time ago, we have struggles just to do simple things, but now, all kinds of struggle have been reduced to almost zero with the help of Gadgets. But that innovation also has negative things. So today, I want To share with you about the positive and negative about gadget in our lives.

The Positive and Negative About Gadget

The Pros of Gadget

1. Gadget Ease Our Homework

As a student who still studying in school, we get a big help with the existence of gadget. It helps us almost in every way possible. For example, gadget helps us types our homework from the laptop and we can create a presentation with it.

2. We Have Lots of Entertainments

Watch some videos, listen to some music has never been easier with the evolution of gadgets. A century ago, if we want some entertainment, we need to walk through all the struggle. But now, with one device, we have all kinds of entertainment like music and videos.

3. Play Games!

This is the benefit that everyone knows about. Gadget nowadays, like the smartphone has the capability of playing games with a high complexity same as on the console. And the graphics are a pretty good too. It’s a pack of fun in the gadget.

4. Keeping Up With The World’s Pace

The world is always rotating and within the rotation, it also evolving over the time. And technology in gadget never stops to appease our way of lives. And it has become a necessity to know every gadget if we don’t want to get left behind.

Those are just some of the pros of the gadget in our lives. Despite all the greatness, there’s also a downside effect of the gadget. And all the downside facts are as follows:

The Cons of Gadget

1. Addiction From Gadget

Drugs are not only an addictive substance. An addiction could be from any form of things. And gadget is not an exception. The gadget can make us addicted by always having us to keep checking it or always watch some videos. And the worst case of addiction is addicted to gaming. If this case is happening to someone you know, it’s a hard disease to cure.

2. Make Us Less Socializing

Even though that the social media function to make us more connected with others, but somewhat that is not what it’s supposed to be. If we are too busy with our gadget, we forgot about everything. We forgot about friends, family, and even we forgot about our own needs. That fact is backed with the reality that when we use our gadget to play games, for example, it makes us forget everything.

3. Gadget Has Radiation

Every electronic thing has radiation danger. But each of them has the scale of its own. And gadget has some of the low risks radiation danger. But the long time of using gadget will have a significant effect of radiation.

4. Loud Sound From Gadget Can Hurt Your Ears

A human can hear sounds over 20hz. If we hear some sound more than that from the gadget, the organs inside your ears may damage over the time.

So, it’s a necessary to use the gadget as wise as we can. Don’t too rely on gadget even though that we really need it. I’m sure there’s always a way for us as a human to ease our lives.

The Most Toxic Community In Gaming, See Here To Know Them All

Yesterday, I have just played Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege. I had a wonderful game at one match and the next match is a pain in the ass for me as a newbie. I played an online game as noobs in hope to get better from the community, but what I got is the most toxic community in gaming of all time. Don’t you hate to play a game where everyone is judging you while you’re new to the game? That is the thing I want to share with you today.

In today’s online gaming, sometimes, the first thing that we look upon is the community, right? We want to know whether the community is filled with a mature people or just a bunch of hail monkey screaming at you. I’m sure everyone starts a game as noobs and we learn from our mistakes and be a pro. But we all hate that if we are noobs and we don’t have a good experience because of the toxic community. Some games have one of the worst community ever and others are just fine. Today we will talk about some of the games that have the worst community ever.

The Most Toxic Community In Gaming

1. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive


Before you read this article, I want to clarify that the toxic community in a game depends on various things. Not everyone is toxic in a game you know. So, let’s talk about CS: GO. I know that everyone has marked this game with the most toxic community ever. All that problem comes from the people who always talk Russian to insult you or a guy who won’t shut up about sleeping with your mother. Or the worst is that someone screams at you straight to your headphones. But, not everyone is an A-hole in the game, there are a people that might help you to get better in the game.

2. League of Legends

League of Legends

Well, this DOTA alike is, like everyone said, has one of the toxic community. You play well nobody will notice that, but if you do slightly wrong moves, and everyone start screaming at you with a loud, trash talking mouth.

3. Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege

Well, this one I really hate to tell but I have to because I’ve seen this myself. When I purchase the game and played it for myself I hope as a newbie to get better playing the game from the community. But what I got is a total let down. I know I’m noobs but that’s why I want to play this game, to get better. But as I play with my team, someone said to me that I’m useless and then that someone decided to kick me out because I’m noobs! That’s a damned experience playing a game that said to have one of the best community. But I will not give up with the game, I believe there’s still a good people inside.

So, those games above, in my opinion, is having one of the most toxic communities in gaming. I know that I can’t say that everyone is toxic, only some of the people behave like that. Maybe those people are only the 13 years-old boys.

How to achieve a Successful Career? | My Tips for All of You

In this beautiful morning, I want to tell you an interesting topic that makes more energetic. Yup, it’s about how to achieve a successful career. I’m sure this one is everyone dream. Actually, it’s quite easy to achieve that stage. I’m sure you curious about this matter. You must keep asking questions about yourself. So, how to become like that, actually you can do it by yourself. But, I think some of you does not realize it yet. Okay, guys, that’s enough talking, take a look at the guide below to achieve your success.

How to Achieve a Successful Career, Check the Tips Below

  • Never Give Up In Any Situation: This is the keys in order to achieve your success. Although the work that you do is sound impossible, as a good worker, you need to get it through. Usually, people who have difficulties to finish is work can’t think straight. This is the trigger to fail in your work. In this kind of situation, you need to calm yourself and think the way out of your problem. Bit by bit, you will achieve a successful career that you dream of.
  • Improve Yourself: There is no miracle at all when you do a business. So, what you need to do? Of course, learn by yourself. Not all people will teach you how to do the business. If you make a mistake, don’t you ever give up. Because it can be your lesson to fix all your mistakes. Learning is one of the greatest aspects that you must do on work. If you already failed to do that. how can you achieve a success?
  • Know Your Skill: Not everyone knows what they capable of. They tend to do the work they can’t do it.  Of course, it’s not that bad, but you need to learn first how to do it. Not everyone human can do something flawlessly at firs. Yeah, every human has a limit. So, you need to realize the skill that you have.
  • Sacrifice: In order to achieve a success you need to sacrifice something. Of course, it means in positive ways. Like you open a business, choose the best place for your own business. Although the price quite high, you need to be ready. It’s not a problem right if your career is success. You can find money by doing a job, but how to make achieve a success in business? Of course, you can get depend on you. If you willing to learn something, you will become a successful person in the world. I guarantee it.

So, what do think about it? This is the best tips how to achieve a successful career from me. I hope it can make your career brighter. This is based on my opinion, so don’t take it personally. Okay, guys, I think it’s enough for today. Don’t forget to leave a comment below if you want to ask something. I will reply to your questions quickly if I have a time. See you in my next article. Have a nice day and may the god bless you all.

The Best Game Stories of All Time, Check My Blog Today

In a gaming world where everything is just about online multiplayer gameplay, there’s always a place for the gamers who search for the beautiful moment in the storyline. Not everything about today’s gaming is prestige, but there’s still a place for the great storyline. So today, I want to share with you all the games I know that have the best game stories in it.

When we want to talk about a story driven game, we’re focusing on the single-player aspect of the game. Why? Because only in single-player campaign gameplay where we can find and experience the thrill of the game story. Now, I have compiled some of the game that has the best storyline of all time below. But it’s based on my opinion okay, so if you do not agree with me it’s your opinion then and I appreciate that.

The Best Game Stories of All Time

1. GTA San Andreas

GTA San Andreas

This one, in my opinion, is the best game story of all time. Why? Because every plotline in this game has a deep feeling to the player. All the funny, thrill and the action from the story really bring the atmosphere of action to the player of this game. Besides all that reason, we are offered 72 hours of the storyline in GTA SA. That’s why this game is one of the best game stories.

2. Harvest Moon: Back To Nature

Harvest Moon Back To Nature

Well, this is simply the legend of all best game story. For kids whose born in millennials maybe don’t know this game. But if you’re the generations whose born on the 90s, I’m sure that you know this game. This game is for the PlayStation one console. It has a decent graphics at its own time. But players don’t play this game for the graphics but for the story. It tells you a story about a man who has to manage his grandfather’s farm and making the life of his own. You need to build your farm and have a family of your own. If you failed the to manage the farm you will be cast out from the village. That’s the great story of Harvest Moon.

3. Bioshock


In this game, you can find the thrill, action, and horror. Bioshock is the game for you who looking for a horror game but with action and a great storyline. It tells a story about an underwater metropolis called Rapture. It’s a city full of greatness but has been ravaged by its own system and an addictive substance called Adam. As the player, you are a sole survivor from a crashed plane in the middle of the Atlantic ocean and then you found a way to get to the city and you must uncover what’s the story behind the fall of the Rapture city. This game has so much ideological perception. And the thing that makes this game interesting is that this game is based on the novel of “Atlas Shrugged” by Ayn Rand.

4. Call of Duty Modern Warfare Series

Call of duty Modern Warfare

Apart from the hatred that CoD received these days, the modern warfare series is the most successful. Why? Because it delivers us a gripping and beautiful story about the hunt for the world terrorists. All the three series have a continuous story over each other. And in the final series, the stories are concluded with the death of Makarov.

The Best Sniper Rifles of All Time, Check My Blog To See All of Them

Over the century, the weaponry in human history has been rapidly evolving. We all have to know every kind of weaponry that were used in war for the history lesson. I love everything about weapons in war, especially all about the sniper and their long range rifles. that’s why today I want to share with you the best sniper rifles of all time. Keep scrolling down below guys to see four lists of my own opinion of which is the best rifles.

Before I proceed to show you the list, I want to share with you about the sniper story. Throughout the war, the soldier who wields the long range rifles or it’s called a sniper has contributed their dedication to turning the tides of war. They are the men who cover their brothers in war from the back to make sure all of them are safe. There are many snipers with a legendary story through centuries of war, but that’s not what we’ll talk about. We here to talk about the sniper rifles.

The Best Sniper Rifles of All Time

1. L42 Enfield

L42 Enfield

Let’s talking about the traditional sniper rifle first okay, and this one has been serving the British Empire war since 1895. This rifle is legendary among the soldiers of the British army. This legendary weapon has seen the first world war, second world war, and pretty many many other wars throughout the history of war. The true fact about this rifle is that this weapon can shoot a target at a maximum range of 1.829 meters, that’s almost 2 kilometers away!

2. Mosin Nagant

Mossin Nagant

Don’t mess with mother Russia my friends, or Red Army will shoot you from far far away with this devastating sniper rifle. Mosin Nagant is a Bolt-action rifle. What’s that mean by Bolt-action? It’s a weapon system which the shooter have to manually open and close the barrel of the rifle to shoot each time. In short, it’s not an automatic sniper rifle. This piece of death instrument has been serving the Imperial Russian Army since 1895. Almost the same year as the L42 Enfield was made. And what’s important is, that this rifle can shot you with high precision accuracy from about mile away.

3. Barret .50 Cal

Barret .50 Cal

Well, this rifles is what’s exactly means by future weaponry. This death instrument has served the US army since 1989 and often used in Iraq war. It’s a deadly sniper rifle because it loads five of .50 caliber magnum rounds in its chamber making it the most brutal sniper of all time. This rifle could shot from a range of 2600 meters! And words said that it can penetrate through a wall! That’s devastating right?

4. Cheytac Intervention

Cheytac Intervention

Now, I put it the last because I thought this is the best sniper rifle of all time. This is modern-day if sniper rifle. This weapon is made by American and it’s used in every conflict till date! This weapon has all the great aspects of a long range rifle which those are high precision, devastating long range, and a fearsome firepower. With those three combinations, this Cheytac Intervention is the most deadly sniper rifle in the world today. And it can shoot a target up to 2300 meters!

Low Spec Gamers, Some Solutions For You To Keep Your Gaming Up

Who said that a low spec gamers can’t play any games? Well, today I want to tell you my story about how I play my games on my low spec rig. This story is purely from my gaming experience and I want I dedicate this article for those who want to play games on their low spec computer or laptop.

Well, as we all know that the computer or laptop we bought 3 years ago with a high price is nothing more than a garbage for today’s gaming experience. This matters, of course, make us the low spec gamers so upset! I mean, the gaming industry is so cruel. Each game that is released over the year is making us force our low spec rig to the limits. We are no longer be able to play any new games that were released recently like Watch Dogs 2, For Honor, or The Witcher for example. Those games demand a high and powerful rig to run, and if you are the owner of a PC game with the spec of dual core and a cheap VGA card will never be able to run those games.

I know what’s feel to be abandoned by the gaming world, we have been cast out from the PC master race throne. But don’t be sad my friends. There’s still a hope for us the low spec gamers. There’s always a way to play those high-end games with our obsolete PC. How? That’s the story I will share with you.

The Solution For Low Spec Gamers

1. Use The Lowest Settings Possible

Low Setting

I know that this one is the most annoying thing to do in every game that we want to play, but still, we have to do this step if you want to play a high-end game on your crappy laptop or desktop PC. Set the graphical setting to the lowest possible and hope for the game to run smoothly on your rig.

2. Tweak Your Game

Tweak Your Games

If the solution above didn’t help any good, then try this one. Tweaking the graphical setting of the game is the answer for you who want to play big games. If you don’t know how there’s a lot YouTube channel that can show you how to tweak the graphics setting of a game to a level that is really ugly. But note to self, you need to accept the ugly graphics in the game.

3. Do A Little Upgrade On Your Hardware

Upgrade Your Hardware

This solution must be done whether you like it or not if you still want to play games, at least, upgrade your RAM capacity so it can handle the game. Or if you are a desktop PC owner, then you should upgrade your graphics card to a better one.

I know the fact that the gaming world is a fast growing world and if your rig can’t keep up with the pace, you’re absolute will get left behind. That’s all the story from me today. I hope that we all the low spec gamers can still play games with prospers. See you all next time for my other story.