4 Unique YouTube Channels In The World Today

We all know YouTube right? A place where you can see millions of videos from almost any categories you can imagine. This piece of entertainment has entertained us for several years since it’s first launched on 2005. Millions of videos from education, action, to humor are all here. But the real piece of work behind it all is the people who made the videos. Without them, YouTube is nothing but an empty site. As of today, lots of contents we have seen in the YouTube Channels. Some of them are unique, different from the rest. People are getting more creative and imaginative to provide us with something entertaining.

Today, I want to share with you all the unique YouTube Channels that showed us some of the hilarious contents we have ever seen. Want to know what are they? Keep scrolling down below to see them all.

4 Unique YouTube Channels Worldwide



HISHE stands for How It Should Have Ended is a channel which showed us a content about the movie. What makes it so special is that this channel entertains us with their commentary about how a movie should have ended in the way that lots of people want. The channel showed us their commentary in animation form. This content is not purposed to criticize or promote a movie. It’s just purely for entertainment.

2. Honest Trailer

Honest Trailers

This YouTube Channel is almost the same with HISHE but this one is just purely commenting the movie without making any animation. What makes this channel hilarious is the way the commentator sound his voice. The voice is so awesome. It’s unique because they made the content with commentary about a movie and make jokes out of it. This channel has more than a million subscribers.

3. Linus Tech Tips

Linus Tech Tips

This channel is more to a computer product review. What makes this different from the rest is that Linus Tech Tips analyze deeply into the product. They are really honest about what they are reviewing. It gives us a clear look onto a computer product that you might want to purchase. So, if next time you want to buy some electronic products but you want to know the detail information about it, take your time to watch some videos at Linus Tech Tips.

4. PewDiePie


Well, we all know this guy. He is one of the most famous people on YouTube and he is famous for his game review channel. He is a person full of hilarious commentary. PewDiePie has over a million subscribers but the words said that he lost some of his subscribers. But one thing that I don’t agree with this guy because he tends to said some bad words when he reviewing a game. And that is bad for children who watch his videos.

That’s all the four YouTube Channels that what I want to share with you today. They are the creative and imaginative people who get lots of money because if their creativity. If you want to be like them, use all the imaginative thinking you got in your head. Be creative and that’s how you make money.

How To Overcome Boredom While Working, Some Simple Solutions Here

We all have this feeling of bored when we work. When we bored while work, we can’t think and do the job effectively. There are some activities that you can do to overcome boredom while working. Want to know what activities? Keep scrolling down below because today we’re going to talk about this until we have totally eradicated our bored feelings.

Activities To Overcome Boredom While Working

1. Take a Break

Take a Break

This is the most obvious activity you must do when things get really annoying at work. Your brain needs to relax for a while. You can’t keep force it to work all the times. I myself work as a writer and whenever I feel bored, I stop writing and take a break. What I mean to take a break is that you don’t do anything, just sit down and relax for a while.

2. Listen To Some Music

Listen To Music

When you are bored, you’ll feel tired and your mind is closed like a door, you need to open it again. And the way to do that could be listening to some music. The music you should choose could be anything depends on your preferences. If you like something relaxing, try some slow rhythm music. Or if you looking to inject some adrenaline into your body and mind, you can choose something loud and fast like metal music for example.

3. Eat Some Snacks


There’s no better way in this world to refill your empty bored mind with some delicious snacks. Eat some of that while you work and the source of idea and inspiration will rejuvenate like a fresh plant. So, the next time you work and feel bored and empty, start to eat some snack okay. That is working for me though.

4. Do a Little Exercise


When you think, your brain required some oxygen to keep it working. And when you’re bored, you are running out of ideas and your brain feels kinda slowing down isn’t it? When that happens while you were working, you can do a little exercise to keep the oxygen circulated to your brain. Once you do that, you’ll regain your ideas and fully work again.

5. Sleep


Do this solution only as the last resort guys. If you always do this while you were working, you will have more trouble than you can ever imagine from your boss. So, do this once in a while only. Sleep is a good solution when you are bored and don’t have any ideas anymore. When you are sleeping, your brain will somehow, regain its full functionality. This solution could be effective if you are a freelancer and working from home.

6. Take a Cup of Coffee

Drink Coffee

Caffeine, the answer for everyone whose bored, tired, and zero ideas. This little substance really gives our brain some boosts. Many people have proved the effectiveness of caffeine inside a coffee to help them improve their brain energy. On the other hand, this could be a problem in the future because as we all know that too much caffeine is not good for our health.

How to achieve a Successful Career? | My Tips for All of You

In this beautiful morning, I want to tell you an interesting topic that makes more energetic. Yup, it’s about how to achieve a successful career. I’m sure this one is everyone dream. Actually, it’s quite easy to achieve that stage. I’m sure you curious about this matter. You must keep asking questions about yourself. So, how to become like that, actually you can do it by yourself. But, I think some of you does not realize it yet. Okay, guys, that’s enough talking, take a look at the guide below to achieve your success.

How to Achieve a Successful Career, Check the Tips Below

  • Never Give Up In Any Situation: This is the keys in order to achieve your success. Although the work that you do is sound impossible, as a good worker, you need to get it through. Usually, people who have difficulties to finish is work can’t think straight. This is the trigger to fail in your work. In this kind of situation, you need to calm yourself and think the way out of your problem. Bit by bit, you will achieve a successful career that you dream of.
  • Improve Yourself: There is no miracle at all when you do a business. So, what you need to do? Of course, learn by yourself. Not all people will teach you how to do the business. If you make a mistake, don’t you ever give up. Because it can be your lesson to fix all your mistakes. Learning is one of the greatest aspects that you must do on work. If you already failed to do that. how can you achieve a success?
  • Know Your Skill: Not everyone knows what they capable of. They tend to do the work they can’t do it.  Of course, it’s not that bad, but you need to learn first how to do it. Not everyone human can do something flawlessly at firs. Yeah, every human has a limit. So, you need to realize the skill that you have.
  • Sacrifice: In order to achieve a success you need to sacrifice something. Of course, it means in positive ways. Like you open a business, choose the best place for your own business. Although the price quite high, you need to be ready. It’s not a problem right if your career is success. You can find money by doing a job, but how to make achieve a success in business? Of course, you can get depend on you. If you willing to learn something, you will become a successful person in the world. I guarantee it.

So, what do think about it? This is the best tips how to achieve a successful career from me. I hope it can make your career brighter. This is based on my opinion, so don’t take it personally. Okay, guys, I think it’s enough for today. Don’t forget to leave a comment below if you want to ask something. I will reply to your questions quickly if I have a time. See you in my next article. Have a nice day and may the god bless you all.

Low Spec Gamers, Some Solutions For You To Keep Your Gaming Up

Who said that a low spec gamers can’t play any games? Well, today I want to tell you my story about how I play my games on my low spec rig. This story is purely from my gaming experience and I want I dedicate this article for those who want to play games on their low spec computer or laptop.

Well, as we all know that the computer or laptop we bought 3 years ago with a high price is nothing more than a garbage for today’s gaming experience. This matters, of course, make us the low spec gamers so upset! I mean, the gaming industry is so cruel. Each game that is released over the year is making us force our low spec rig to the limits. We are no longer be able to play any new games that were released recently like Watch Dogs 2, For Honor, or The Witcher for example. Those games demand a high and powerful rig to run, and if you are the owner of a PC game with the spec of dual core and a cheap VGA card will never be able to run those games.

I know what’s feel to be abandoned by the gaming world, we have been cast out from the PC master race throne. But don’t be sad my friends. There’s still a hope for us the low spec gamers. There’s always a way to play those high-end games with our obsolete PC. How? That’s the story I will share with you.

The Solution For Low Spec Gamers

1. Use The Lowest Settings Possible

Low Setting

I know that this one is the most annoying thing to do in every game that we want to play, but still, we have to do this step if you want to play a high-end game on your crappy laptop or desktop PC. Set the graphical setting to the lowest possible and hope for the game to run smoothly on your rig.

2. Tweak Your Game

Tweak Your Games

If the solution above didn’t help any good, then try this one. Tweaking the graphical setting of the game is the answer for you who want to play big games. If you don’t know how there’s a lot YouTube channel that can show you how to tweak the graphics setting of a game to a level that is really ugly. But note to self, you need to accept the ugly graphics in the game.

3. Do A Little Upgrade On Your Hardware

Upgrade Your Hardware

This solution must be done whether you like it or not if you still want to play games, at least, upgrade your RAM capacity so it can handle the game. Or if you are a desktop PC owner, then you should upgrade your graphics card to a better one.

I know the fact that the gaming world is a fast growing world and if your rig can’t keep up with the pace, you’re absolute will get left behind. That’s all the story from me today. I hope that we all the low spec gamers can still play games with prospers. See you all next time for my other story.