Who said that a low spec gamers can’t play any games? Well, today I want to tell you my story about how I play my games on my low spec rig. This story is purely from my gaming experience and I want I dedicate this article for those who want to play games on their low spec computer or laptop.

Well, as we all know that the computer or laptop we bought 3 years ago with a high price is nothing more than a garbage for today’s gaming experience. This matters, of course, make us the low spec gamers so upset! I mean, the gaming industry is so cruel. Each game that is released over the year is making us force our low spec rig to the limits. We are no longer be able to play any new games that were released recently like Watch Dogs 2, For Honor, or The Witcher for example. Those games demand a high and powerful rig to run, and if you are the owner of a PC game with the spec of dual core and a cheap VGA card will never be able to run those games.

I know what’s feel to be abandoned by the gaming world, we have been cast out from the PC master race throne. But don’t be sad my friends. There’s still a hope for us the low spec gamers. There’s always a way to play those high-end games with our obsolete PC. How? That’s the story I will share with you.

The Solution For Low Spec Gamers

1. Use The Lowest Settings Possible

Low Setting

I know that this one is the most annoying thing to do in every game that we want to play, but still, we have to do this step if you want to play a high-end game on your crappy laptop or desktop PC. Set the graphical setting to the lowest possible and hope for the game to run smoothly on your rig.

2. Tweak Your Game

Tweak Your Games

If the solution above didn’t help any good, then try this one. Tweaking the graphical setting of the game is the answer for you who want to play big games. If you don’t know how there’s a lot YouTube channel that can show you how to tweak the graphics setting of a game to a level that is really ugly. But note to self, you need to accept the ugly graphics in the game.

3. Do A Little Upgrade On Your Hardware

Upgrade Your Hardware

This solution must be done whether you like it or not if you still want to play games, at least, upgrade your RAM capacity so it can handle the game. Or if you are a desktop PC owner, then you should upgrade your graphics card to a better one.

I know the fact that the gaming world is a fast growing world and if your rig can’t keep up with the pace, you’re absolute will get left behind. That’s all the story from me today. I hope that we all the low spec gamers can still play games with prospers. See you all next time for my other story.


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