Over the century, the weaponry in human history has been rapidly evolving. We all have to know every kind of weaponry that were used in war for the history lesson. I love everything about weapons in war, especially all about the sniper and their long range rifles. that’s why today I want to share with you the best sniper rifles of all time. Keep scrolling down below guys to see four lists of my own opinion of which is the best rifles.

Before I proceed to show you the list, I want to share with you about the sniper story. Throughout the war, the soldier who wields the long range rifles or it’s called a sniper has contributed their dedication to turning the tides of war. They are the men who cover their brothers in war from the back to make sure all of them are safe. There are many snipers with a legendary story through centuries of war, but that’s not what we’ll talk about. We here to talk about the sniper rifles.

The Best Sniper Rifles of All Time

1. L42 Enfield

L42 Enfield

Let’s talking about the traditional sniper rifle first okay, and this one has been serving the British Empire war since 1895. This rifle is legendary among the soldiers of the British army. This legendary weapon has seen the first world war, second world war, and pretty many many other wars throughout the history of war. The true fact about this rifle is that this weapon can shoot a target at a maximum range of 1.829 meters, that’s almost 2 kilometers away!

2. Mosin Nagant

Mossin Nagant

Don’t mess with mother Russia my friends, or Red Army will shoot you from far far away with this devastating sniper rifle. Mosin Nagant is a Bolt-action rifle. What’s that mean by Bolt-action? It’s a weapon system which the shooter have to manually open and close the barrel of the rifle to shoot each time. In short, it’s not an automatic sniper rifle. This piece of death instrument has been serving the Imperial Russian Army since 1895. Almost the same year as the L42 Enfield was made. And what’s important is, that this rifle can shot you with high precision accuracy from about mile away.

3. Barret .50 Cal

Barret .50 Cal

Well, this rifles is what’s exactly means by future weaponry. This death instrument has served the US army since 1989 and often used in Iraq war. It’s a deadly sniper rifle because it loads five of .50 caliber magnum rounds in its chamber making it the most brutal sniper of all time. This rifle could shot from a range of 2600 meters! And words said that it can penetrate through a wall! That’s devastating right?

4. Cheytac Intervention

Cheytac Intervention

Now, I put it the last because I thought this is the best sniper rifle of all time. This is modern-day if sniper rifle. This weapon is made by American and it’s used in every conflict till date! This weapon has all the great aspects of a long range rifle which those are high precision, devastating long range, and a fearsome firepower. With those three combinations, this Cheytac Intervention is the most deadly sniper rifle in the world today. And it can shoot a target up to 2300 meters!


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