Yesterday, I have just played Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege. I had a wonderful game at one match and the next match is a pain in the ass for me as a newbie. I played an online game as noobs in hope to get better from the community, but what I got is the most toxic community in gaming of all time. Don’t you hate to play a game where everyone is judging you while you’re new to the game? That is the thing I want to share with you today.

In today’s online gaming, sometimes, the first thing that we look upon is the community, right? We want to know whether the community is filled with a mature people or just a bunch of hail monkey screaming at you. I’m sure everyone starts a game as noobs and we learn from our mistakes and be a pro. But we all hate that if we are noobs and we don’t have a good experience because of the toxic community. Some games have one of the worst community ever and others are just fine. Today we will talk about some of the games that have the worst community ever.

The Most Toxic Community In Gaming

1. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive


Before you read this article, I want to clarify that the toxic community in a game depends on various things. Not everyone is toxic in a game you know. So, let’s talk about CS: GO. I know that everyone has marked this game with the most toxic community ever. All that problem comes from the people who always talk Russian to insult you or a guy who won’t shut up about sleeping with your mother. Or the worst is that someone screams at you straight to your headphones. But, not everyone is an A-hole in the game, there are a people that might help you to get better in the game.

2. League of Legends

League of Legends

Well, this DOTA alike is, like everyone said, has one of the toxic community. You play well nobody will notice that, but if you do slightly wrong moves, and everyone start screaming at you with a loud, trash talking mouth.

3. Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege

Well, this one I really hate to tell but I have to because I’ve seen this myself. When I purchase the game and played it for myself I hope as a newbie to get better playing the game from the community. But what I got is a total let down. I know I’m noobs but that’s why I want to play this game, to get better. But as I play with my team, someone said to me that I’m useless and then that someone decided to kick me out because I’m noobs! That’s a damned experience playing a game that said to have one of the best community. But I will not give up with the game, I believe there’s still a good people inside.

So, those games above, in my opinion, is having one of the most toxic communities in gaming. I know that I can’t say that everyone is toxic, only some of the people behave like that. Maybe those people are only the 13 years-old boys.


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