Gadget, this little innovation of a human technology has benefited us in many ways that we never expected. A long time ago, we have struggles just to do simple things, but now, all kinds of struggle have been reduced to almost zero with the help of Gadgets. But that innovation also has negative things. So today, I want To share with you about the positive and negative about gadget in our lives.

The Positive and Negative About Gadget

The Pros of Gadget

1. Gadget Ease Our Homework

As a student who still studying in school, we get a big help with the existence of gadget. It helps us almost in every way possible. For example, gadget helps us types our homework from the laptop and we can create a presentation with it.

2. We Have Lots of Entertainments

Watch some videos, listen to some music has never been easier with the evolution of gadgets. A century ago, if we want some entertainment, we need to walk through all the struggle. But now, with one device, we have all kinds of entertainment like music and videos.

3. Play Games!

This is the benefit that everyone knows about. Gadget nowadays, like the smartphone has the capability of playing games with a high complexity same as on the console. And the graphics are a pretty good too. It’s a pack of fun in the gadget.

4. Keeping Up With The World’s Pace

The world is always rotating and within the rotation, it also evolving over the time. And technology in gadget never stops to appease our way of lives. And it has become a necessity to know every gadget if we don’t want to get left behind.

Those are just some of the pros of the gadget in our lives. Despite all the greatness, there’s also a downside effect of the gadget. And all the downside facts are as follows:

The Cons of Gadget

1. Addiction From Gadget

Drugs are not only an addictive substance. An addiction could be from any form of things. And gadget is not an exception. The gadget can make us addicted by always having us to keep checking it or always watch some videos. And the worst case of addiction is addicted to gaming. If this case is happening to someone you know, it’s a hard disease to cure.

2. Make Us Less Socializing

Even though that the social media function to make us more connected with others, but somewhat that is not what it’s supposed to be. If we are too busy with our gadget, we forgot about everything. We forgot about friends, family, and even we forgot about our own needs. That fact is backed with the reality that when we use our gadget to play games, for example, it makes us forget everything.

3. Gadget Has Radiation

Every electronic thing has radiation danger. But each of them has the scale of its own. And gadget has some of the low risks radiation danger. But the long time of using gadget will have a significant effect of radiation.

4. Loud Sound From Gadget Can Hurt Your Ears

A human can hear sounds over 20hz. If we hear some sound more than that from the gadget, the organs inside your ears may damage over the time.

So, it’s a necessary to use the gadget as wise as we can. Don’t too rely on gadget even though that we really need it. I’m sure there’s always a way for us as a human to ease our lives.


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