Ahhh, Australia the biggest nation in the world in terms if the territory. It is the biggest country because it’s a nation of its own continent. Besides being the biggest nation, it also the most dangerous place on planet earth. How’s is that possible? Today we will talk about the most dangerous animals in Australia.

Australia is the place of the most diverse animal’s habitat. It has spiders, lion, bears, venomous snakes, and pretty much more dangerous animals. This beautiful but deadly diversity is because of the effect of the crack of Earth’s plate thousands years ago. When the Earth is splitting so does the animals. And luckily, Australia got the biggest diversity when it’s occurred. So, voila! Australia has the most diverse animals on the planet. So, that’s what we will talk about today, about animals. I will tell all I know on the list below, check it out, guys.

The Most Dangerous Animals in Australia

1. SnakesSnakes

This one is obviously danger, isn’t it? Just for your information, Australia has more than hundreds of species of snakes in this continent. And the dangerous is the venomous ones. The Eastern Brown snake is the most dangerous snake in Australia. This snake can kill up to 100 adult human with its little dose of venom! And to make it worst, this snake often found among suburban area.

2. Box Jellyfish

Box Jellyfish

Never think for a second that if you are in the water you are safe, that’s totally wrong! If you’re unaware of your surroundings when you’re swimming on the beach, you can entangle with one if this death trap. A single touch from this jellyfish can kill you in the worst way possible. First, you will feel the enormous burning pain inside your body and then you start to have a seizure, and minutes later you died! If you want to avoid this death trap, there’s a solution for you that I got from NatGeo Wild. You should use pantyhose when you are swimming on the beach of Australia so the sting from box Jellyfish couldn’t penetrate to your skins.

3. Sharks


Remember the horror of Jaws movie? In Australian beach, if you didn’t notice your surroundings when you were swimming, you can be eaten by a shark! This apex predator has killed lots of humans over the years. So, the next time you swim in Australia, take a look at your surroundings for your own sake.

4. Kangaroo


Well, this one maybe cute animals, but trespassers beware this animal could hurt you pretty bad and even might kill you. The kick force from a single kangaroo could easily snap human bones! And this mammal also a threats to passing cars on the highway where they usually got hit by cars or trucks.

So, that’s all the most dangerous animals in Australia that I want to tell you today. There are still lots of other animals too actually but it’s too many to list them all here. So that’s just it. See you next time for more interesting information.


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