The released of The Division, GTA V, Destiny, and other major AAA gaming title has made the gaming world vastly grow. Each of those great games has their own play style and uniqueness. But, honestly, is the world of gaming had been better or it is getting worse? That is what we will talk about today. We’ll analyze that is the gaming world getting better or the other way. If it goes bad, whose to blame? The gamers or the developer?

Since the decades ago, the game has been evolved from time to time. It evolves almost on every aspect of a game like the graphics, gameplay, and the story that it offers to the players. We tend to say that games from the console like PlayStation 1 is way much better than the game from nowadays. It’s better because it feels really like a game. It has a good story and great gameplay mechanics. But, does that mean that games from these days are bad? No! It’s not what I mean here.

It’s not fair to say that old game is better and new games suck or vice versa. In my opinion, a game can be great or sucks is depends on ourselves. But that’s just my opinion, what if we describe this more with other reasons.

The Gaming World, Is It Getting Good or Bad?

  • The Reasons For Gaming World is Getting Good


If gaming is getting good, perhaps it is because of all the great graphics and also great gameplay from the games. We must admit that the big game developers have delivered us many great AAA titles. And all of them, I can say pretty great. The graphics and gameplay are much more complex than the games from decades ago.

The gaming world is getting good is also because of the feedback from the player base itself. We, gamers are the ones that contribute much to the gaming world because we give feedback to the developer. Without any feedback, the developer won’t find the way to appease us in their game.

  • The Reasons For Gaming World Is Getting Worse


If we think that the game industry is getting worse, it could because of the game developer. The dev of the game is making an unfinished product, sell it, and grabbing all the money they can from their customers. This method has been annoying the gamers community for a recent time. The dev published an unfinished game with lots of glitch, bug, and fatal error. And then they will promise that it will be fixed soon but the reality is they don’t fix that. That is what makes the gaming world is getting sucks day by day.

Another reason for this unpleasant facts is because or the gamers itself. I mean, I don’t try to blame anyone, I just want to share my opinion. The gamers nowadays demand something that is always changing. For example, gamers ask for a modern game, but when it is released they change their mind and demands an old style game. That’s the main problem in the gaming industry. We as the buyers, need to, at least appreciate the game that has been created by the dev.


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