Music is our way to escape the reality or just simply to express our feelings and thoughts to the world or just our surroundings. Music has evolved to many forms from time to time. Suddenly, now we have lots of music genre, and metal is on of them. Metal music is something that I want to talk about today. I feel a little connected to metal because it has its own way to show the feeling you feel about the world.

Metal is more than just screaming and yelling. If we looked at the lyrics, we’ll see that metal has something serious about the lyrics. It’s the artist’s way to show their reason to reject the current government system.

Metal Music Is Not Good or Bad, It’s Something More

Don’t judge boom by its cover, that what some people said about something or someone. And in metal, you can’t judge it by the look. Of course, that metal music is not something common in people’s ears. It’s a music which can hurt your hearings. Metal is not for everyone, but the lyrics of metal is something beautiful. What I mean beautiful is that the lyrics are so reflecting the reality of the recent world.

From Womb To Waste, Dying Fetus

Dying Fetus

That is the title from a metal band called Dying Fetus. They are death metal where everything is all about death and misery. But if we take a look at the lyrics and comprehensively read it, it tells about the reality in our society about abortion. The lyrics expressing the rejection of a system that legalizes abortion. The lyrics portrays the bad things about abortion and make humans is one of the worst species for killing the infant. That is just an example of the beauty of metal lyrics. I said beauty because it’s beauty in its own way. It really reflects reality in our society.

B.Y.O.B System of A Down

System Of A Down

The B.Y.O.B stance for Bring Your Own Bomb. This song has a strong rebellion sense. The lyrics questioning the government system. It emphasizes in questioning the government why that the young and poor is the ones that have to die in the war. System of A Down is notorious for its strong satyr lyrics that criticize the controlling government.

God Is Dead, by Ozzy Osbourne

Ozzy Osbourne

From the lyrics we all think that this song is a blasphemy to religion and God. Part of me say yes, but the other said no. I said yes it’s a blasphemy because God is not dead! But if we take a deep analysis of the lyrics, it has a different meaning. The lyrics tell a story about a person who desperately searches for some kind of principle to hold on to. He asks himself is God alive or dead. And in the end, he still hesitates about that. So the lyrics are not really mean to insult the God in particular religion. Instead, this lyric is a story about a man looking for a God!

So you see, we can’t judge metal music as straightly bad. There’s always a good thing on every side. In my opinion, metal lyrics is the way you express your hatred to the unjust and the evil rooting in the world. Metal is the simple answer if you want to say something that can’t be said publicly.


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