It has been 2 years since I first play this online FPS game. I’m not proclaiming that I’m a pro in this game, but at least I don’t die so often. Want to hear some tips playing Modern Combat 5? Well, keep scrolling below if you hate being killed all the time. The tips that I’m about to tell you is purely from my own experience. When I played a free-for-all match I managed to be the number one with the score 30 kill and Zero death.

Tips Playing Modern Combat 5

Modern Combat 5 Game

1. Level UP

This is the first basic thing to do when you start to play Modern Combat. Don’t be disappointed when you get killed so often when playing a match. All that matters when you play as a newbie is level up. Keep progressing through the level and don’t mind the kill score because when I first l play this game I got a terrible kill/death score. Think the kill score as your motivation to get better playing the game.

2. Choosing Class

This is the reward when you keep leveling up. Each time you level up to a certain level, you can unlock a new class. The basic classes which you can unlock for free via level progression are Assault, Recon, Support. Pick one of your favorite class and start to learn all the curve of its class. I myself prefer Recon because it has the passive ability to sprint and your weapons can keep pointed on the center. This ability is my favorite because you can keep running and shooting at the same time. And the additional benefit is that Recon weapon is a submachine gun which it has great fire rate, good for close to medium range.

3. Arrange Your Loadout

When all your classes are already unlocked, the thing you need to setup now is the loadout. Arrange it with any weapons you like so when in the match lots of people using a shotgun, then you can change it on the go.

4. Mod Your Weapons

Modding your weapon is the great way to increase the potential of your weapon. A basic weapon only deal in a little to medium damage. But when you modded it, it can deal a tremendous fatality to the enemies.

5. Train Your Aims

With all has been prepared, only one thing left, and that is train your aiming. A good class and great weapons will be outmatched when your aim is to suck. So, the answer for that is by always train your shoot. Aim for the head and you’ll see the enemies will be mowed down Infront of your eyes.

6. Master The Map

There’s no better advantage playing this game besides knowing all the map layouts. Keep playing for days and months so you can remember all the layout on each map in the game. Get to know all the angles, curves, and hide spot so you can get advantage from your enemies. So, master the map and play smart!

That’s all the tips and tricks from me. I hope it’s useful for you in your gameplay. All in all, keep practicing until you get the full grip playing this game.


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