Planning your wedding or you imagining where would you marry your loved ones? Well, I have a few option for you about the best places to organize your wedding. Marriage is something special in every human life. For that, I know that everyone wants their wedding to be remembered for the rest of their lives. Planning where you will hold your wedding is something that we can’t underestimate. Why? Because it’s an event once in a lifetime. Today, I want to share with you the ideal places to held your wedding. See all my recommendation below.

The Best Places To Organize Your Wedding

1. Beaches


Imagine that your wedding in the beautiful beach with white sands all over the place. The reason I choose beach as the first recommendation because it has the best thing it can offer to your special moment. Beach has a nice view, sunset landscape, and the breezing waves that add more romantic sense to your wedding. If you looking which is the best beach in the world, I can recommend you Kuta beach in Bali, Indonesia. It’s one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Perfect for your special wedding.

2. Garden


A simple garden in your house backyard could magically turn into a beautiful place for your wedding. A lot of people choose this for holding their wedding. It’s not a bad idea to choose a garden, plus it will decrease your budget. You only need to spend some cash to do a renovation to your garden and everything is ready for your special event. I myself would prefer this if my house has a decent garden but unfortunately, I don’t have it so I might choose somewhere else.

3. Hotel Ballroom

Hotel Ballroom

It is probably the easiest and the most common solution for you if looking a place for a wedding. Many people choose this, but one thing that you need to keep in mind is the budget you need to spend. The more luxury the ballroom is, more expensive it would be. There’s a benefit if you choose ballroom. One of the benefits is that you don’t need to redecorate it again. And often, a hotel ballroom already offered you the wedding organizer, so everything is taken care of. Just remember to prepare your cash for that.

4. Forrest


This one place is quite unique because it uses the set of the forest. Forest could be the ideal place for you to organize your wedding. With little decorations here and there you can turn it into a natural wedding place. If you choose this, you will have a unique special moment in your life. But unfortunately, there’s a little side of bad thing for this option. You can risk ruining your wedding day with the rain down. Your wedding moment can go south if rain happened on that day.

Well, that’s all my recommendation about the best places to organize your wedding. I think every place could be suitable for your wedding if you can decorate it perfectly. Just remember to calculate your budget before you choosing a place for your special moment.


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