Lots of activities happened in this world and war is one of it. Talking about war, it’s something that never changes. If there’s one thing that changes in term of war is the people involved in it. And today, we know something that’s called the private military company or private military contractor (PMC). Not everyone knows about this stuff, and today I want to share a bit or two about this PMC thing. Want to know about that? Keep scrolling down below to know more.

Things To Know About Private Military Company

1. PMC is a Private Thing

PMC Is Private Things

A nation may have a unit of army of itself and that is the legit military unit to know. But on the other hand, PMC is something that belong to one person only. It’s made by someone with their own budget, out of the government costs. So, while the country’s military is funded by the government, PMC is personally funded. And PMC earn their income by any contracts they were hired.

2. There Are Lots of PMC In The World

Lots of PMC In The World

There isn’t just one military contractor in this world, there are many of them just for you know. A country like United States of America, UK, and Russia probably own some of it. Some of the most famous PMC are Blackwater USA, Northbridge Services Group, Triple Canopy, AEGIS Defence Services, and much more.

3. The Legalities Is Black and White

The Legality of PMC

Many people around the world are now questioning the legality of this so-called military contractor. They questioning it because when the PMC is working on the field, they have no clear ROEs (Rules of Engagements). Without a clear ROEs, it can be said that PMC can do whatever the hell they want to in their duty. And that is what make them a little bit suspicious in my opinion. There are some countries in the world that prohibit the forming of a military contractor.

4. PMC Involved In Some of The Famous Armed Conflict

PMC In Armed Conflict

A military contractor is not just a fancy unit to secure something. They are the tip of the blade when the government doesn’t want to use its legal military unit to do some the agenda. And from what I have read and seen, PMC Involved in an armed conflict such as in the war in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other middle Eastern territories. They are involved in such war because the government has contracted them to do that. The different between the national army and PMC is the uniform. That’s how you tell the different between them.

5. The Members of PMC

Members of PMC

The unit inside the private military company is diverse. From an ex-militaries to former police officers or anyone that has an armed combat training. Everyone can join the PMC if they are willing to put their lives on the line for some huge paycheck.

So there are all the basic things that you need to know about PMC, my friends. Now you know what is a military contractor and what they do and who are they exactly. But honestly, there’s a lot more about it that I myself don’t know about. But one thing for sure is that PMC is a company that monetizes war. I don’t if it’s something good or bad. When it comes to finding a livelihood for our family, we intend to do anything to have it fulfilled.


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