We live in the world where everything is powered by energy, and most of that energy comes from fossil fuels. The fuel that came from the fossil is an efficient way to produce energy till date. But, the usage of that substance is no longer be dependable. Sooner or later, fossil fuels will run out from our world. Human is an intelligent species. We can find another source of energy such as nuclear. Nuke can be used as a reactor to produce energy but it also came with unwanted negative side effects. We can’t fully control nuclear. We need some other renewable energy that doesn’t have negative side effects. And that solutions are already in front of our eyes.

So today, I want to talk to you about this renewable natural resources. Free from any kinds of hazardous materials that can harm us. What are those renewable sources? Keep scrolling down below and together we will learn about them.

4 Renewable Energy Sources

1. The Sun

The Sun

If we looking for some energy that is renewable and sustainable, the answer is easy. Just take a look at the sky and see the bright light from our sun. A long time ago, we were unaware that the star in our solar system is the key to human survivability. The sun provides us with heat that we need to survive on this planet. And as the technology evolved, we can turn the heat from the sun into any kinds of energy we pleased, such as electricity for instance. With the invention of solar panel, now we can have electricity with using the traditional power plant sources which used coals and fossil fuels.

2. Waste


When we eat something, we must get it out again, right? And that waste product is something that we can use as the renewable energy. Humans or animals produce waste as the way of the metabolism. Waste contain something called methane. It’s the same gas as in fossil fuels. With a little help of technology, we can turn waste into energy either it’s for electricity or we can make a fire of it which is used for cooking and much everything else.

3. The Wind

The Wind

If you go to a beach you can feel the breezing winds that swipe over your face. Winds generate motions and motions could be used to empower a generator which could be used to produce electricity. That’s why today we see lots of windmill on the beach or valley where the winds are strong in that area.

4. Water


Same as the wind, flowing currents of water in the river can produce electricity for mankind. How’s that work? We put some kind of the wheel in the water and the water will rotate it because of the currents and that rotation will generate motions and that motions are used to powering the generator. And that generator is used to generate electricity to our needs.

So there, all the four free and renewable energy that can help sustain our lives on this planet. From now on, we as the human need to think that all the renewable sources are free and why do we still use the ineffective fossil fuels? Let’s hope for the better mankind in the future.


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