If one thing we as a human share in common is the desire to have money. Money is everything, although some may disagree with this term. But whether you like it or not, you will always need money to survive in this world. Do you need shelter, food, and clothes? Then you need money to get them all. Money is the great tools in human history, it has bound us all throughout the centuries. It’s the tool that makes us civilized and thrives. But there’s the little fun facts about money that you might haven’t known it yet. So today, I want to share with you some of the fun facts of money. Keep reading below for further interesting information.

The Fun Facts of Money

1. It All Start From The Primitive Age


When you want to know anything about money, you need to take a look at the very first time of the human race. The rise of money first begins when our primitive ancestors begin bartering goods for other goods they need from each other. At this moment, the very first transaction if trade begin. And for the time goes, the need for some currency begins.

2. A long Time Ago, Money Could Be Anything

Money Could Be Anything

Before there were bank system, human use anything as money like beads, pearl, shells, or pretty much anything. They used that kind of things as currency to trade with each other. Don’t be a laugh when you know that the ancient people trade goods with a seashell you can find on the beach. If today’s currency like that, we were all rich right?

3. It All Begin In Greece


If we want to know the all about the system of first civilization, Greece is the place where it all begins. The use of silver or gold coin as a currency begins here. The Greek people use silver and gold coin as the currency to keep the world of trading rotate.

4. The First Paper Money

The First Paper Money

The cradle of the first paper money started from the Mongolian empire ruled by Kubilai Khan. He created the first paper money, it big and pretty much very different with today’s money. He spread the use of money with the power of his military forces. When the first money was introduced, a lot of people are so worried about it because they never suspect to trade their Rubi for a sheet of paper. But whether they like it or not, the new paper money must keep going on.

5. The Future

The Future of Money

In today’s globalization era, money is almost invisible. The flow of the currency happens on non-stop 24/7. We trade our money for some goods that we need virtually. We no longer need to use the physical money, all we have to do to trade something is just a push of a button.

The world is fastly growing, and all of the evolution happened because of the help of money. That’s all the fun facts of money that I want to share with you. See you next time for more interesting information.


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