All that happened in the world today is not far from the benefits of globalization. Globalization is the one thing that unites us all as one species of humankind. It’s the thing that connects and evolves us in every aspect of our lives. Without the globalization, we will never achieve everything in our lives today. In this modern era where everything is fast and worldwide, everything seems to be connected to each other. Aspects of transportation, politics, cultures, and economics have been synergies and sync by the power of globalization.

Today, I want to share with you all the benefits of the globalization that we have felt today. All the high-tech gadget, fast transportation, and the easy economic transaction is just a little example of the effect of globalization. To know more about it, let’s learn things together below.

The Benefits of Globalization

1. In Transportation


A century ago, we probably bever expect that we can travel from one place to another in a short time. Long ago, it used to take days just to travel from one island to another. But, since the world never stops evolving and thanks to globalization, we now have advance transportations like fast ships and airplanes. We now have cruise ships that can hold thousands of passengers at a time to travel across the sea with fast. And we now also have jumbo jets which can fly hundreds of people to another place in a short time.

2. Economics


A long time ago, our ancestors use almost anything to do an economic thing. They do barter with other people to get the stuff they need to survive and by the time, they use gold coins to do transactions. But today, as the world is getting united and closer than ever, the economic world also revolutionized. With the additional help of the internet, we now can transact virtually. We no longer need to always carry lots of cash around the city.

3. Politics


When talking about politics, we can take a look at Greek society. They are the cradle of civilization. The political system born here. And with the help of globalization, the information that spread across the globe can be easily received. And the information about the political system is also spreading all around the world without any obstacles at all, making it easily learned by many other countries.

4. Cultures


Perhaps this is the aspects that are very influential from the globalization of all. A few decades ago, we might not know what happened on the other part of the world. We don’t know what they are thinking and doing. They also wondering the same thing like us. But since time is kept going and going, the world is colliding with one united world.

Now, we all know what happened outside our home and they also know what happened to us. We share our cultures with them and they share theirs with us. It’s pretty delicate situations because when a different cultures collided, there will be some radical changes among a particular group of individuals.

So there, all the benefits of globalization that we have felt today and until the end of the world. As the Earth keeps spinning, the wheel of evolution will also keep spinning to make us head towards the things that we could never expect before. That’s all the information I can share with you all today. I hope it’s useful to increase our knowledge about what happened to the world.


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