Shark, it’s one of the most apex predators on the sea. They are special living creatures who eat their preys with a ferocious appetite. We as human has our own way to appreciate this wonder of nature. One of our ways to honor this creature is through the movie. Throughout the years, we have made hundreds of shark movies. I know that in the movie we look shark as really savage animals. But that was a just movie, right? It’s just for entertainment. Speaking of entertainment, there are some of a hilarious movies about shark this two decades. Today, I want to share with you about all the bizarre motion pictures about sharks.

Top Four Weirdest Shark Movies Ever

1. Sharknado


When someone came with the idea to create a movie about sharks and a tornado he/she is either a genius or hilarious person. When the script is made and all the pre-production is ready, this movie is also ready to rock the cinematic world. You might never think for a second that Sharknado received a good movie score on Rotten Tomatoes, better than any Marvel movies. The story about this movie is about a tornado that happened in the city of United States. But the tornado in this game also carrying sharks along the way and creating havoc along the path.

2. Mega Shark Versus Mecha Shark

Mega Shark Versus Mecha Shark

A giant shark is on the loose, the humans decide that the best way to handle this mess is to use a giant mechanical shark. They have the good plan to attack and kill the mega shark with the weaponry from the mecha shark. This movie is hilarious than action about killing the mega shark.

3. Sand Shark

Sand Shark

Shark lives in the ocean, that’s what we have already known for hundreds of years of our lives. But some movie makers decided that it would so much hilarious if there’s a movie about a shark that terrorizes the land. Yep, that movie is called Sand Shark. The story about this movie starts when an earthquake wakes up a prehistoric shark from underground and begin murdering people whose having a party. This movie is so funny because the graphics are more like an animation made from 20 years ago. If we’re talking about the acting quality, we can’t have much because all the actors in the movie are all unknown among the movie production world.

4. Three Headed Shark Attack

Three Headed Shark Attacks

The reason that this movie is known is because Danny Trejo played in this movie. We all know every movie Trejo was in is so bad-ass. But, when you watch this movie, you will hope you didn’t watch it. This movie started when some wacky scientist decide it would be a great to have mutated animals in their lab. But things gone wrong went a three-headed shark begin rising from the sea and terrorize the waters. This movie can’t be said as an action movie because the hilarious level inside is off the charts. You will most likely laugh when you see the shark with three heads in one body.


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