With all the hype in the gaming world, there’s nothing more hype than the news of Call of Duty WWII game. We have been let down by the release of COD Infinite Warfare, a game that mindlessly set a war in space. Now, Activision tries to redeem themselves by creating a game that is about the horrifying world war 2.

But, as we all learned from some of the Call of Duty franchises before, they all are the same in one concept, which is just the same bland future story about devastating war. Below I will share with you about all the nonsense titles from COD series.

1. Call of Duty Ghost

COD Ghost

Before COD goes on full future-style warfare, there was Ghost. A story about a war fought in the near future where the war begins when The oil-producing nations of South America, led by Venezuela, forming “the Federation” in response to the ensuing global economic crisis and quickly grow into a global superpower, swiftly invading and conquering America, the Caribbean, and Mexico. We all almost know how every COD games end right? All with the slo-mo event and we kill the bad guys and then the end!

2. Call of Duty Advanced Warfare

COD Advanced Warfare

This series became a hit only because it cast Kevin Spacey as the main villain of the story. Spacey play the role of Jonathan Irons, a CEO of the world’s most powerful military contractor that wage war to the modern world. From here, the journey of COD series begins to absurd. They went from a game about the ordinary war to all high-tech warfare. In this series, the players are introduced to the exoskeleton armors.

3. Call of Duty Infinite Warfare

COD Infinite Warfare

When Activision don’t know what to do with their franchise anymore, they create the COD in space! That is the true fact about the Infinite Warfare title. They are now creating a war in outer space. Full of starships, lasers gun, and robots. Some people still praise the game because it’s unique, but the rest don’t feel that way. What makes this title is a heartbreaking is that the fact about all the dislikes number in the trailers within YouTube. It reaches almost 2 million dislikes. I can’t say it’s bad or not, it’s just what others said about the game okay.

The Fresh Winds of Call of Duty WWII Game


Beaten by the famous Battlefield 1 from EA, Activision refused to surrender! They are now releasing the information about making the next COD game with the theme of world war 2.

But wait, does Activision have already released a COD game about WWII? Well, the answer to that question is YES. The developer has been already released it, but we don’t know why they making another WWII game again. Nevertheless, for whatever the reason is, I’m sure that every fanboy of COD franchise will be happy for the release of this game. We’ll see about that later when the dev releases a gameplay trailer about it okay. Let’s just hope that Activision won’t let down all of us again. Peace.


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