For decades or even centuries, our lives as humankind depend on technology. Technology is something which can ease our lives a little or big. And pioneers of technology have worked nonstop to create something newer and better to improve the quality of our lives. But before all the things we see today, we never suspect that is the technologies that change our lives.

Today, I want to share with you everything about the revolutionary technology that turns our ways of life upside-down. We’ll see all the phenomenal invention that gave birth to the modern world as we see today. To know more, let’s learn it below.

5 Technologies That Change Our Lives

1. Computer


The computer is basically something that helps us in computation. But, as the world grows, the computer has more functions than computing mere numbers. We have used a computer in many appliances in our lives. The invention of the computer really breaks through our limits of understanding of how the world works.

2. Internet


A long time after the first computer was created, the internet arrived. The early intention of the creation if the internet is to spy on other countries. It’s created in the middle of a cold war. And after the world tension is lowering, the function of the internet is changed. It’s something that truly revolutionizes our ways of life. The internet really pushed us to the edge of globalization. It is the thing that makes our world feel smaller and neater. You can find almost any information you need regarding any aspects of this world.

3. Lights


They said, ‘from the darkness, let there be light!’ that is the motivation of the first invention of light bulbs. We all need to thanks to Thomas Alfa Edison because he is the inventor of the first light bulb in the world. With his invention, we can still see the bright of lights even when the sun is setting down on the horizon.

4. GPS


The inventor of GPS has a very good intention for creating this invention. We will never be lost again traveling on this planet. The GPS has become more than just a tool to guide us. With other technology like a robot, we will have a robot that can do our shopping for us. The robot can go to a shop and do our groceries because it used the technology of GPS.

5. Smartphone


A long time ago, we still used a cabled telephone to communicate with other people from a far away place. But today, as we all can see, the existence of smartphone change it all. The smartphone is a true piece of the revolution of technology. It’s a complex combination of a computer system, GPS, and the internet. It’s the technology that makes our lives much easier than the last two decades where we need to do some work on a different media. But now, with a smartphone, we can do everything from work to play some entertainment all in one comfortable device.

So, those are the five technologies that change our lives from nothing to ever fulfilled like today. All of those technologies wouldn’t even be exist if one pioneer didn’t start it all. We all need to thanks to some of those big people that clearly make our lives easier than ever. But don’t ever think all of those technologies will make us lazier than ever too.


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