A movie is the best way for us to unleash our tension. The movie gave us the entertainment which can make us laugh, thrill, and sad at the same time. But more or less, we are still very entertained by it. As today, the movie has grown even bigger than we ever known in the last few decades. A movie can be a confusing amusement. This happened because today, the director of a movie tend to get deeper into the story plot and characterization. At least since the last decade, we have seen some of the most confusing movies ever made.

Today, I want to share with you all about some of those motion pictures that has a complicated movie timeline. I will show you four of those movies that make us wander too deep about what’s going on in the story. Let’s check them all out below.

Top 4 Most Confusing Movies Ever Made

1. Terminator Series


I have seen all the five movies of Terminator. From one to the last title called Terminator Genisys. From all the movies I still have one confusion and that is why after the first Terminator, they still hunt down John Connor? I mean, why would the robot try to kill Sarah Connor again in the past. Is it because when the first attempt failed you can’t do that again and jump back to the past? The Skynet should keep sending the robot to kill Sarah over and over again if they are failed. And when I saw the Genisys, I got more confusion than ever. That confusion is that how can John Connor back through time but as a robot? Man, all that plot makes no sense to me. Maybe if you know more about the plot, you can enlighten me in the comment below.

2. X-Men Series

X-Men Series

From all movie series that I have already watched in my entire life, there are no other complicated movies than the X-Men series. If you watched all the series, you can see that many characters are dead from time to time in the plot timeline. But then, all the sudden in the Days of Future Past, all the X-MEN members are back! They are all alive and wealth in Xavier’s School. After the confusion of the Days of Future Past, I get more confusion with X-MEN Apocalypse. Why after all they did in the last movie when everyone is come back to live like Cyclops, Jeane, Storm, and Professor X, they all now have to face another threat from a character called Apocalypse.

And after the X-MEN Apocalypse, the world shocked again with Logan. A movie that told another confusing movie plot where now all the X-Men are gone, left only Logan and Charles Xavier. With all those tangled timelines, these movie series are really the most confusing movies ever.

3. Interstellar


Not everyone can interpret this movie as easy as they imagine. The director Christopher Nolan is a great director that can make his audience wondering really hard inside their mind about what is going on in the movie. The basic idea of this movie is simple enough, a group of astronauts is searching for next potential Earth-like planet to inhabit because the Earth today is no longer capable of sustaining the human life.

Is that plot easy to understand yes? But as the movie reaching the end, Nolan is surprising the audience with a plot about some kind of five dimensions crazy stuff.


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