We are living in a pretty big world from a perspective of a single human. And in this big world, there are something that just can’t be explained with logical sense. If you said that there are no more secrets and mystery left in this world, you are totally wrong. The fact is, there are still plenty of mysterious things left in this world to uncover. Today, we will talk about all the unexplained mysteries from every part of this universe.

Top 3 Unexplained Mysterious Things of The World

1. Bigfoot


There are still some believers of myth in this universe. And some of them believe that the existence of Bigfoot is real. But, what is it actually? Bigfoot is to believe as a creature or monsters that live on mountains somewhere in the United States. It’s a creature characterized by a giant body, big feet (of course), and hair all over its body. The theory believes that Bigfoot eats whatever he can find on the mountain or in the jungle. From vegetables to meat. Or maybe a human flesh if he could get one (maybe). But until today, no one could ever find the real evidence of the existence if this mysterious creature.

2. Alien


Ahhh… This one mystery is the one that keeps the world interested for many years. First, I want to ask a question for you, do you believe in alien? If it was me, I would say I don’t believe. Why? The thing that I believe is that maybe there’s some other living organism outside our solar system but they are not as what we thought. The things we now about alien probably we got from movies. In movies, the alien is having sharp teeth, bizarre head shape, and want to destroy our Earth. The reality is probably a whole different than that but we will never know that because no one ever found the legit evidence of alien existence.

3. Bermuda Triangle

Bermuda Triangle

This one mysterious thing is still unexplained till date. Dozens of plane, ships, and maybe other things have gone when they passed Bermuda Triangle. It’s located between three locations, Florida, Puerto Rico, and Bermuda island. By the look, it doesn’t show anything wrong with waters, but many people believe the one that responsible for the disappearance of many ships and planes are because of the extraterrestrials (alien) or maybe because of paranormal activity. But in reality, many cruise ships and commercial airlines are passing this waters every year. And Bermuda island is one of the best holiday spots on this planet.

4. The Depth Of The Sea

The Deepest Trench

Humankind has broken their limits to space. We now have more knowledge of space things better than we have knowledge about our own planet. Take the sea for example. We know every detail of our satellite moon, but we still don’t know all about the depth of our own waters. The deepest depths of the sea is to be recorded on Mariana Trench. The depth of this ocean is more than 10.990 meters, it’s the deepest of all. And in the depth, many scientists believe that there are still undiscovered living creatures. Rumors said that the existence of Megalodon is here, in the deepest sea. And still, there are tons of other mystery within.

So, those are the top 4 unexplained mysterious things on our planet. Don’t ever think for a second that there are no more Adventures left in our world. The adventure and mystery are out there waiting for us to be undiscovered.


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