For you movie fans who have watched hundreds or even thousands of movies, we may have been bored with it. The reason of this boredom is that movie today is a repetition of what’s before. Today, the movie has the similarity from each other, leaving us thinking, isn’t there anything else that the director can do instead of using the same movie cliches over and over again from time to time?

That’s what we will talk about. We’ll talk about all the movie jargon sameness through all the decades of movie making. The list is below.

7 Boring Movie Cliches Of All Time

1. Don’t Die On Me!

Don't Die On Me

Arrgghhhh…. We have heard this probably a thousand time from hundreds of movies in this decades. We always heard this when the protagonist or the supporting characters of the protagonist suddenly die after a fierce battle with the enemies or in the climax of the movie. They always said, ‘don’t you die on me!” Or “don’t you dare to close that eye”, or even maybe they said always said, “don’t go into the light”. Whatever the line is, we always get these cliches over and over again.

2. I Was Good Guy, Now I’m Bad Guy

Bad Guy

We’ve seen this action cliches more than we can remember. The protagonist rival was used to be a good guy, but then, something or someone has turned him to become super evil for the protagonist.

3. Revenge!


“You kill my family, prepare to die”, “You kill my dog, prepare to die!”, ” You ruin my pancakes, prepare to die!”. Those are the commonly used movie cliches within these two decades. The movie is just about someone doing some revenge because others have wronged the protagonist or the antagonist. And in the end, whether the main character will be dead, arrested, or just regret.

4. Noooooo!!


When Darth Vader found out that his beloved Padme is dead, he really screamed this so loud. When Wolverine stabs Jeane in X-Men 3 Last Man Standing, he also screaming so loud as he is a rock star band member. We had enough of this “Nooooo!” Cliches because we have seen it many times.

5. Do Bad Things For Good Reasons

Doing Bad For The Better Good

The unnecessary act from the protagonist where they must do such bad things for the greater good. Yeah yeah, we get all get it, you need to do that for the better of all. Once, we are so entertained with that, but if it’s so frequently, we are started to get bored. It’s time for something new Mr.Director, give us something new.

6. America! F*ck Yeah!


Oh man… We get this movie references a lot, especially from American movies. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with it, but it would be better if they are not too often putting these cliches in every movie they made. American movie only showing all the good and the perfect thing about America. They are always showing their strength by nuking other countries, killing aliens, and save the planet. It’s like the rest nations in the world can’t do anything about it.

7. Nazi Sucks!

Nazi Sucks

We know that Nazi is evil, but please stop making a movie about how sucks they are. Indeed they are evil, but I think there’s still some great about them. Whether it’s their tactical strength, weaponry strength, and much others. In the movie, we all see that Nazi can’t even land a bullet to their enemies. They just like the Red Shirt in Star Trek series. Just waiting to die no matter how good they are.


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