It’s already near June, and we have seen there are lots of new action games 2017 was released. For gamers, each year that was changing also mean the birth of another best game to play. And indeed yes, there are several great games have already been released this year. Want to know what are those newly released games? Check it out on the list below. See maybe there are some games that you have been waiting for years.

Top New Action Games 2017

1. The Surge

The Surge

Created by the developer Deck13, The Surge will immerse you with its RPG elements. Yes, it’s an RPG game, that means you need to deal with different enemy level, boss fights, and character building system. If you are fans of the Souls series games, you will probably love this game because this game pretty much took the root from Souls series. The story of this game is that in the future, the humankind has exhaust all the natural resources and left all the society becomes a robot-infested place. The players, need to find out what happened to the world and also he needs to find out who he really is. There’s something promising about this game right?

2. Prey


Do you know the game System Shock and Bioshock? Combine two of them and you will get Prey, a sci-fi horror-action games. In this game, you will play as Morgan Yu, a scientist working on a space station and must survive when the station he works is being attacked by an entity called Mimic. What makes this game is so awesome is that the Mimic could be anywhere and become anything. Yes, the Mimic can turn themselves into anything they like from chairs, tables, even a tiny cup. Not only the Mimic will have the advantage, you as the player also has plenty of unique abilities to discover the true secrets of what happened in the space station you work.

3. Nier Automata

NieR Automata

While much of gamers are focusing on the titles like Prey and The Surge, others look more to Nier Automata. It’s an Open-world RPG game where you can explore the world and do plenty of mission to help the civilization. Along the way, you will uncover the secret of the story behind Nier Automata.

4. Mass Effect Andromeda

Mass Effect Andromeda

When the fanboys of Mass Effect heard something about the latest series titled Andromeda, they lose their mind. In this series, the player will have the ability to explore the planet, exploit the resources and build their own base. This time, the player will be able to drive a rover to explore the terrain which they land on. Mass Effect Andromeda emphasizes more to the exploration. If you love Adventure and shooting, you definitely should try Andromeda. A great action adventure awaits you.

So, those four are all the new action games 2017 that I know to recommend to you. From my own opinion, all of them are really worth a try, especially Prey, the action horror game. Any of those game are interesting for you? Or did I just miss a great game? Tell what your opinion in the comment guys.


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