When we were watching movies while we were just a kid and see the villain died, we have the imagination where would that bad guy go after they die. Well, it’s in a movie so they’re going nowhere. But in real life, if you do something bad for the rest of your life, you will end up in a place called hell. It’s a place for all the human baddies go to redeem what they have done while they’re alive. There are lots of definitions of hell, it depends on what religion you believed in. Every religion has their own perspective of hell. Depends on what you believe there is a differentiation in the meaning it. Today, I want to share with you the information about what is hell in various of religions today.

The Definitions of Hell In Various Religions


1. Hell In Islam Perspective

If you’re a Muslim, you need to believe the existence of Hell. It’s a place where you go after the end of the world. It’s something that you must absolutely believe, if you don’t, then you do not fully believe in what Allah said. Hell in Islam perception has different level. In fact, hell has 7 different level the deeper it is, the worst the torment is. The deepest or the seventh layer of hell is called Hawiyah. It’s the deepest hell ever. The person who enters this is the one that always done something bad in its lifetime and can’t get away from this realm forever.

2. Hell In Christian

Similar as in Islam, the view of Hell is a place for the people who’s life is against God and they will be tormented for as long as the sins they made in their lifetime.

3. Hell In Catholic

In the Catholic view, there’s something that we have to visit after we die and that place is called Purgatory. It’s a place where everyone who has ever doing sins goes. The sinner will “purge” all their sins and so that they can enter the gate of heaven.

4. Hell In Buddhist View

In the perspective of Buddha, hell or can be called Naraka is a place where a person received his karma in his/her lifetime. Hell has two types, Cold Naraka and Hot Naraka. As it was named, a Cold Naraka means a cold, chilling hell. You might think that it’s not a hell but it still carries the same torment for the sinner. And the Hot Naraka is a place where everything is hot as lava. Both Hot and Cold Naraka are still a place to torment the sinner.

So, those are all the definition of hell that not much known by people. No matter how varied hell is, it’s still a place for every sinner who must redeem all that they have done while they’re alive. In every religion there always a place for the baddies to paid for all the bad things that they have done on Earth. So, the best thing that we need to do in our lives is that do whatever you can do to help others and bring peace. After all, what is our purpose in this life besides preparing for the afterlife isn’t it?


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