Lyrics in some musical arts in not just mere words. It’s an art created by the songwriter. The writer wants to share what they have in mind, what they want to say to their fans through the lyrics. I’m not just talking a pop song lyrics, I talk to all kinds of genre’s lyrics. Whether it’s pop, metal, blues, and etc. They have its own meaningful song lyrics to be conveyed to the listeners. Through lyrics, the artists also can convey something that they can’t say out loud. That something can be related to the facts of our lives, society, governments, and other aspects.

The Best Meaningful Song Lyrics

1. You Raise Me Up

“You raise me up, so I can stand on mountains;
You raise me up to walk on stormy seas;
I am strong when I am on your shoulders;
You raise me up to more than I can be.”

That lyric could bring tears down even for grown-up adults. The song lyric really touches the heart of its listeners. The meaning behind lyrics is someone that who has a spirit breakdown but then gets help from the divine spirit and that person is back to its cheerful spirit.

2. Sugar – System of a Down

“The Kombucha mushroom people
Sitting around all day
Who can believe you
Who can believe you
Let your mother pray (sugar)”

“I’m not there all the time you know
Some people, some people, some people
Call it insane, yeah they call it insane (sugar)
I play Russian roulette everyday, a man’s sport
With a bullet called life, yeah, mama, called life(sugar)
You know that every time I try to go
Where I really want to be
It’s already where I am
‘Cause I’m already there”

Well, not everyone loves this song though but the lyric is bearing strong messages. The lyrics want to send the messages that drugs are bad. It will have the impact on every aspect of your life like your health and you won’t be trusted anymore by the society. Interpreting the lyrics could be difficult for a person see the lyrics for the first time. You need to listen to the music again and again until you get what the point behind all of it. And System Of A Down is a metal band that emphasizes on the criticism within the society.

3. From Womb To Waste – Dying Fetus

“Aborted removal, with cold precision.
Tools specifically designed
forcing fetal termination.
Blind the morally enraged.
Bomb the clinic into oblivion.
Kill the killer they will say.
Justice through murder goes both ways.
Conceived and thrown away
from womb into the waste.
One more girl, mortified.
Never knew what was growing within.
Obese, diseased, down on her knees
she gave birth on the toilet seat.”

Dying Fetus is a death metal band which lyric is about death and revenge. But in From Womb To Waste, it contains a horror message that happened in our society, abortion. The lyrics are about how horror is an abortion is. It containing the message that how can we do such terrible thing to our own flesh and blood. The band is really controversial in every lyric they made. They criticize almost every aspect in our lives like religion, law, lust for killing, and so much more terrible things that happen in the reality of this life.


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