Almost everyone in the world of culinary and chef knows him very well. He’s notorious for his boiling temper on the show Hell’s Kitchen. Yep, he is Gordon Ramsay, a world-class angriest chef or just a world-class chef without the angriest. Calling him the angriest chef may seem too harsh because there a lot of things need to know about Gordon Ramsay beside just looking at him screaming and yelling at the contestant in Hell’s Kitchen or Kitchen Nightmare. I’m just one of the big fan of Gordon. I respect him because his job is not only to yelling people but also he gives pretty good advice to the people he yelled too. Want to know all about Chef Ramsay? You can find out all about him by scrolling down below.

4 Things Need To Know About Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay's Facts

1. He’s Not Always Angry

We all have seen him how he is the angriest chef in the world. He always screams, insult, and yelled at the chefs in Hell’s Kitchen. But that is just for a show. In real life with his family or ordinary show, he is a fine British man. He is a family man, love his wife and children. Gordon Ramsay has four children and I’m sure that he never speak the way he does at the TV show to them.

2. He Helped Improving Bad Restaurants

My most favorite TV show of him is the Kitchen Nightmare. In that show, indeed yes he is always criticize everything. He said bad things about the food, the chefs, and how the restaurants look. But there’s a very good intention in why he is doing that. He wants to help the restaurant to become great. The restaurant business is a tough business to run, if you don’t have the guts to do some changes for the greater good, you’re sure will go down in a couple of months. That is why, Chef Ramsay outburst nearly about everything in the restaurant so that the owner has the guts to do some changes if he/she wants to save its business.

3. He Is a Different Man In Master Chef Junior

This is another reason why I adore Chef Ramsay. When it comes to minors chef, he becomes a kind and funny man. This attitude is very opposite on the adult’s Chef and Gordon Ramsay has a good reason for that. In my opinion, he changes the attitude towards kids because he doesn’t want to make them stressed. He wants to encourage children to create their own dishes no matter how the taste is because they are still learning.

4. He Dreamed To Be A Soccer Player

Wait a minute, Chef Ramsay early dream was to become a soccer player and not a chef? That’s is a really mind-blowing fact. We never thought that someone like him can have a dream to become like Christiano Ronaldo but, everyone has their own dream right? So, I think it’s okay for what the chef’s dream of the early days.


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