The development of Android is never rested. There’s always something new about this technology. And within the technology, there’s a great app to support its functionality. Today, I want to share with you the top best Android apps you probably haven’t used.

Application of smartphone is something that is very beneficial for both the functionality and the aesthetic reasons of a device. Like in Android platform, the existence of apps is very crucial to the functionality. Certain apps can really give your phone a boost and neatly arrange everything inside it. Let’s see all the best Android apps that can really help in our everyday lives.

Top 6 Best Android Apps

1. ES File Explorer

ES File Explorer

I’m sure every smartphone that every single one of you have must be stocked with tons of files like photos, music, videos, and other important files of yours. If we think that all those files will be neat without an app, you’re wrong. You absolutely need an app that neatly arranges those crumbled files on your smartphone, and there’s no better app for that besides ES File Manager.

2. YouTube


Even though that you can open YouTube from the Chrome, but if you have this app, it will make all thing even easier than ever. In this app, you can save your favorite videos to watch it later time while in the website version can’t. That’s the good thing about YouTube’s app.

3. Google App

Google App

Not just ordinary Google Chrome, but it’s a Google app. It can do more than just looking for some information. With the recent updates, Google is almost similar to Iphone’s Siri. With the latest technology of artificial intelligence, you can ask anything to Google and it will response back to you. That’s how great the Google app is.

4. Uber


Do you like to travel around the block but you don’t like to drive on the road because of the traffic jam? With Uber app, you can find a driver for you to go to the designated location you wish. Uber has now gone worldwide so you can find them almost in all countries. With the Uber app, you are no longer have to go through the traffic all by yourself.

5. Hooq


Stuck in the traffic? Or do you feel bored at home? Then Hooq can cheer up your day. It’s an app where you can stream some of the best movies ever made. To use this, you need to do some payment to subscribe in the app. This app is the best friends if you are bored while in the public transportation or while you’re on a flight.

6. Hotspot Shield VPN

hotspot shield vpn

Want to go surf the web anonymously? Or do you wish to visit the site that is prohibited in your country? Then you should use the Hotspot Shield VPN app. It’s an app where you can use a fake IP so you can surf anonymously and you can open a prohibited website.

So there, all the list of the best Android apps that you need to have on your device. All the apps that I mentioned are really essential for maximize the functionality of your smartphone.


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