2017 could be the scariest year we could ever have. Why? Because many anticipated horror games are already released and will be released this year. Tons of great titles of horror video games are ready to make you jump from your chair and ripped apart your heart. Today, let’s talk all about the games that can make you hard to fall asleep because of the horror images still haunting you even after you done with the game. Let’s take a look at the list below.

Top 5 Most Anticipated Horror Games In 2017

1. Friday The 13th

This game is a similar in title to the 2D side-scrolling game back in 1989. And in this modern sequel, you can feel the same excitement because finally, you can know what it feels like to be hunted by Jason and be the Jason! A game where you can brutally kill the survivors in the famous place Crystal Lake. If you play as the victims, you need to run, hide, or escape from the hands of death. If you be the Jason, you need to relentlessly find the survivors and kill them in the most savage ways possible.

2. Agony


I’ve seen how the gameplay is from YouTube, and all I can say is, holy God! This game will literally scare you, disgust you, and terrifyingly haunt you! This game is not yet released but there are some YouTubers have the privileges to play the beta of this game. The game story is not yet clearly to be seen. But from what I have seen in the video gameplay, you will play as a soul who wanders in the depths of hell and tries to get back to your life. Before the game is started, there is a strong warning that this game has disturbing images all along the way. If you are a kind of person who disgusted for seeing a gore images, you better not play this game.

3. Outlast 2

Outlast 2

Some of you who read this blog probably knows or have already played the Outlast series. The first title is called Outlast the Whistleblower which is about a reporter who investigates a mysterious mental hospital. But in the sequel, you won’t have to crawl all your way in a crazy hospital anymore. But now you play in a village full of crazy people that will straightly kill you.

This game has already been released a couple of weeks/months ago and critics praised it because it is a great sequel. The story in this series is a journalist named Blake Langermann and his wife Lynn, who investigates a murder of an unknown woman. They had a helicopter accident that separates them. Now, Blake needs to find his wife in a village full of a sect that believes that the world will end soon and they will make human sacrifices to stop it.

So, those three games are the most anticipated horror games in 2017. Those lists are probably my own opinion though. But I believe they are the most anticipated because they offer a true horror experience in the history of gaming. You should really try them all if you are entitling yourself as a horror game fans


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