For PC users, keeping the computer performance up is something necessary to do. The use of a computer is getting high and it can affect the performance of the PC itself. Those of you who wants to maintain the wellness of their computer, I have some tips that you might haven’t know.

Before we go to the tips, there’s a thing to clarify that a computer lifetime is not forever. There’s an effective time for the computer to operate and it’s around 1-5 years. Surpassing those years, your PC might not as fast you first bought it because it has become obsolete. Now, let’s find out all the things you need to know to keep your computer runs smoothly.

Tips To Keeping Up Your Computer Performance

Improving Performance In Computer

1. Use A Stabilizer If You Own A Desktop PC

If you own a desktop computer it’s very necessary to use a stabilizer to prevent unstable power outage. If you don’t use it, the chance that your computer will have an electrical short-circuit is high and that, of course, will damage the overall of your computer.

2. If You Use a Laptop, Charge and Discharge Gradually

Things are different if you are using a laptop. Always knows when to charge and discharge. If your computer is on a full battery, you better discharge it and use the battery only. This measure to prevent to damage your laptop’s battery and if it’s damaged, it will cost you the performance if your laptop. So, you need to know when to charge and discharge your mobile computer.

3. Safely Remove Hardware

The “Safely Remove” button is a great button to remind you that you need to remove any of your attached hardware like printers and USB drives safely. The purpose of this is to avoid data corrupt both in your computer and the hardware itself.

4. Check The Applications In When Startup

One important thing to keep your computer performance great is that you check how many applications that are running when you start the computer. You can check this via Task Manager > Startup. There you can check all the applications that run when you boot up your PC. Having a fewer app that runs at startup is a plus because it can make your computer to operate lightly. Check each app and if one of them saying the Startup Impact is high, consider to disable it if it’s not part of Windows system.

5. Always Update Your Windows

If you have the genuine Windows system, you must always update it each time new updates available. Why? Because it can contain the patch to improve the overall system of your PC.

6. Upgrading Your Hardware

If your desktop PC is getting obsolete, all you need to do is to upgrade every hardware of it. You can upgrade the RAM and CPU to greatly boost the performance. If you are a gamer, you can try to upgrade the graphics card. If you own Laptop, unfortunately, you can’t do anything about that. All you can do is upgrade your RAM. You can’t change everything besides that.


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