War is hell and everybody knows this. If someone close to you said the other way, either they are savage people or just too dumb to know any better. This world would have been a very beautiful place to live in if it weren’t destroyed by all the rocket, mortars, and nuclear fired from every powerful nation. We as the civilian, have sent the message to the world to make it a better place, to make the war stop. There’s no better way than sending it through the anti-war songs.

Artists, whether they are a singer or the songwriter, have gradually told the world that make love not war. Through decades of music evolution, the song that aims to prevent the war is always sounded. Today, let’s talk about all the best songs about denying the violence of wars. See all the list below.

The Best Anti-War Songs To Make The World a Better Place

1. Michael Jackson: Heal The World

Heal The World

MJ, is just the perfect man for every occasion. He always has one song to every situation to make is cheers. And the song Heal The World is just as beautiful as its meaning. The song tells you that the war is just made yourself and everything around you worse than ever. And if you want to “heal the world” all you need to do is just listen to your heart and find peaceful inside.

2. Metallica: For Whom The Bell Tolls

For Whom The Bell Tolls

Metallica is probably the band that you had always knows for years. And this song is just one of their albums that are created to tell the world war is something that even the soldiers don’t understand. We are never going to understand the good of war and the truth is none. War would not create something good. The loser will die and the winner just left behind and desperate to struggle with the PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder).

3. Bad Religion: Sorrow

Bad Religion Sorrow

If you’re looking for a band that the music is all about criticized war, politics, and religion, this is the band for you. The song ‘Sorrow’ is one their masterpiece. It tells the meaning that war should be eradicated and if the war is no longer exists in this world, then there will be sorrow no more.

4. Rise Against: Hero of War

Rise Against Hero of War

This is one of the anti-war songs that could make myself cry. You can search for the song and its lyrics on Google. It tells the fictional story of American soldiers who sent out to war and he sees that war resulting nothing but a pain in mind. At the beginning when he joins the army he expects himself to be a hero of war but turns out he come home with the feeling of disgust towards himself. All this because of what he has done on the battlefield.

5. Metallica: One

Metallica One

Another great song from Metallica that depicts the horror of war. One is the songs that would make you think twice to ever creating a conflict. The songs tell a story of a man in WWI who got disabled by a landmine. He lost his arms, legs, eyes, and pretty much everything of his body. But he is not dead nor alive. He prays to God to take his life away because he doesn’t want to live like that.


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