Since gaming was beginning decades ago, it’s the world that never stops to entertain gamers around the world. We all have seen all the best video games that are ever created. But there are some games that you probably haven’t played. And that’s why today I’m happily telling you all the game that you really should try if you haven’t played one of them. Let’s check out the list below.

7 of The Best Video Games You Should Try Once In Your Lifetime

1. Harvest Moon Back To Nature (PS1)

Harvest Moon Back To Nature

This the best game about farming ever made. It’s made for the old time console PS1. This game may don’t have the great graphics compared to a game nowadays. But what makes this game should be played by you is that the gameplay is really honest and pure fun. You can learn what it feels like to take care of your own farm and socialize in a small village to make your own life.

2. Twisted Metal Series

Twisted Metal

The Twisted Metal franchises have gone around for a long time in the console gaming world. All of them are really worth a try. Do you like the racing game? Do you like all-guns-blazing in your racing game and if you like violence, this is the best game for you boy. Twisted Metal will entertain with as much violence as your brain can imagine.

3. Metal Gear Solid Series

Metal Gear Solid

You are not a really hardcore gamer if you haven’t played one of the MGS series. This is the best game about espionage, stealth, and conspiracy. The father of stealth action games starts here from Metal Gear Solid. You will be immersed on how deep is the story of MGS franchise. The recent titles MGS V The Phantom Pain have already released for years ago. A definitely must try the game.

4. Metal Slug Series

Metal Slug

No matter how beautiful 3D graphic of an action game, there will always a place for Metal Slug among hardcore gamers. This 2D side-scrolling shooter game has entertained so many gamers from the 90s. We never tired of shooting the Morden’s armies and the Martians.

5. God of War

God of War

Almost every gamer knows who is Kratos. He is the angriest game character in the history of gaming. A game full of blood, violence, and frontal nudity. A game like this has been spawning out so much controversial of its release. Your parents probably won’t let you play this game if they know you have it. God of War has already given birth to three series and the fourth is planned to be released this year. If you love killing monsters, Greek gods, and violence everywhere, this is the game for you.

6. GTA San Andreas

GTA San Andreas

We know that GTA V is one of the best in the series. But in terms of gameplay and its contents, nothing beats GTA San Andreas. The story is amazing enough where we can see the story about Carl Johnson from a street hustler to a king of San Andreas. The story is just mainly about CJ tries to reunite his family after the gang war scattered his family around. GTA SA may not has the best graphics as GTA V, but in other aspects, it beat the V.

7. Bioshock Series


If you love story campaign game and if you love action horror game, you really must try one of the Bioshock games. This game has released three series. Whichever you choose to play, all of them will give you the mind-blowing storyline.


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