No matter how much zombie games has been released, we still played it and it still has a place in every fan if the genre. Since decades ago, game developers haven’t tired enough to make more and more this kind of game. And we must admit it that some of the best zombie games are out there among all the hundreds maybe thousands of its same genre. Today, let’s track down all the greatest zombie games ever made in the history of horror gaming. See the list below.

7 of The Best Zombie Games In The Gaming World

1. Dead Rising

Dead Rising

Dead Rising has been around since its first title came up on 2006. Since then until present year, DR has released 4 series of their title. The story of this game is quite okay to be fair. But the reason people play this is that the freedom to explore and creating the whackiest weapons ever existed. You can combine one junk with another junk and a weapon will come out of it as long as you have the blueprints. Another reason why this game is so popular is that you can fight hundreds of the undead at the same spot. The zombie will make a horde to attack you so beware.

2. Left 4 Dead

Left 4 Dead

The all we loved and hate L4D. It’s the most amazing zombie game if you asked me. With the great story and gameplay making this game deserves the best title. This game developed by Valve Corporation and that means you can apply some of the craziest mods you can imagine to this game. Mods, it’s one of the reasons why this game is still so popular after decades of its release. With mods, you will never get bored of the game. You can change the weapons, character, and add your own new maps and stories.

3. Resident Evil

Resident Evil

Almost all of us agree that Resident Evil has some of the best and some of the worst. But the recently released title called Resident Evil Biohazard 7 is one of the best and scariest RE games of all time. They have changed a lot from time to time. And in the 7th series, the game applied the first-person view to the gameplay.

4. Dead Island

Dead Island

The Dead Island series got the popularity because of the amazing guns variety and the modding ability. What makes this game great is also thanks to some of the zombies that is hard to kill. Making the game is quiet challenging to play.

5. Dying Light

Dying Light

Do you like parkour? Do you like zombies? Well, you can get both of them inside Dying Light. It’s a game where you can go parkour all over the city while killing a bunch of undead. There’s a reason why the game called Dying Light, it’s because when the sunlight is set, you can see the true horror experience. All the zombie will be more active and aggressive during the night. And there are some of the special zombies that will lurk around to eat unwary player.

6. State of Decay

State of Decay

With the amazing story it presents, State of Decay is one of the great horror survival game. It’s an open world game so you can explore as much as you want to find some cash or the best weapon loot to slay all the zombies.

7. Days Gone

Days Gone

DG is one of the zombie games that is coming up soon. Rumors said that this game will be played in an open-world system so you can explore the horror out of it. And what make this game is pretty hyped up is that you can see from some leaked gameplay, you can encounter thousands if zombies at the same time.


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