A long time ago when we’re just a kid, we tend to ask a question like, when the world ends? And if that happens, how would it end? That kind of question is the one that terrifyingly scared us. The end of the world is something inevitable if you are a religious person. Whether you’re Christians or Islam, the Holy Bible and Quran have clearly stated that the world would come to an end some day but no one will know when that day happen. Apart from the religious statement, the scientific community has also stated that the world have an expiration date and that day may closer than we’re thinking.

The scientist believes that the world can end up in some variety of theories. What are those theories? Let’s find out about it below.

How The World Ends | Scientific Predictions

1. The Deplete of Earth’s Resources

The Depletion of Earth's Resources

Some group of British scientist believes that the world will end in some year around 2050 or 2100. The group believes that every resource on planet Earth will be depleted in that years. The depletion if Earth’s resources is indeed an apocalyptic event for humanity. Why? Because we all depend on it. We highly depend on ourselves from resources like gas, oil, food, and pretty much more. Without them, there will be a breakdown of social order and war broke out on a world scale to fight for every last of resources.

2. The IceCaps Meltdown

Icecaps Meltdown

Scientist predicts that global warming will soon melt the polar ice caps and by that, it will rise the surface of sea level above normal. This means that the world will end by a giant flood that will cover the entire planet in water, which no humans will survive that. This prediction could happen for about hundreds of years from now.

3. The Huge Asteroid Impact

Huge Asteroid Impact

Some scientist from NASA believes that there is thousands big rock just wandering near Earth and could rain down our planet and wipe out all life form. The size of this asteroid is as big as a football field. With the size that big, it’s assumed that the asteroid who wiped out the age of dinosaurs and probably will wipe out all of us too now.

4. Supervolcano Theory

Supervolcano Eruptions

Researchers believe that the earth would end because of the eruption of a supervolcano that will emerge out of nowhere. It’s predicted that Mount St. Helen would be the supervolcano in the future. Its eruption would be so devastating that it can rip apart Earth’s atmosphere and rained us with deadly UV ray from the sun. With that catastrophic event, the lifeform in planet Earth is no longer able to live.

So, those are all the prediction of how the world ends based on scientific measures. Nevertheless, God himself won’t tell the real time of when the world will end. All of the facts above are just the prediction made by man, so it can be miss by much. All we can do to face it just with prayers. That’s all information from me today, see you next time for interesting knowledge.


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