The food business is getting high from day by day. Some people love to go to a restaurant to have their favorite dishes made by the chef. If you are really into this food frenzy, you can start by creating your own small restaurant. But one question remain, how to make a good restaurant? Well, to answer this question I advise you to watch the famous reality show, Kitchen Nightmare, started by Gordon Ramsay the world-class Chef.

I’ve been watching lots of the show and I can say that I’m interested in making my own restaurant. And thanks for all the information from the show, I learn one or two things how to run a good restaurant. I’ve concluded the tips based on the Kitchen Nightmare show below.

How To Make a Good Restaurant

1. Cleanliness


I think Gordon Ramsay as my own teacher. I learned a lot from him about how to make a restaurant great. And the first basic thing is the cleanliness. A nice clean food eatery would easily attract customers. Would you think that an ugly and dirty restaurant will make customers come to eat at that filthy place? Of course not. So the basic that I learn is cleanliness is everything and it all goes from outside and inside of the restaurant like the fridge.

2. Freshness

Freshness 1
Freshness 2

Who’s here wants to be served a two-days frozen food? Of course, no one ever wanted that kind of thing. Chef Ramsay really disgusted by the frozen food served in a restaurant. For him, it’s an insult to the customers. The customers are paying top dollars for the food they eat but a bad restaurant gives them a frozen and stale food. Another important rule to make a good restaurant is Freshness. People want to eat something fresh, something made 20 minutes ago or at least made on the same day. Never give your customers a frozen food, if you do that in your restaurant, you are betraying their trust on you.

3. Organized Kitchen

Organized Kitchen

I’ve seen a lot of episodes from both Hell’s Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmare they told me a precious lesson. A kitchen needs an organized crew. A head chef is needed to organize everything happens in the cooking activity. The head chef is the one who is responsible for everything happens in the restaurant that is related to the food. The head needs to command all the cooks to work on the line, so when orders come in it can come out in a timely manner.

4. Honest Chef

Honest Chef 1
Honest Chef 2

Chef Ramsay always stated that he has more respect to an honest chef. Ramsay got the point that honest people are valued more than anything else. If a chef is nothing but a liar, that would make a restaurant goes straight down to failure. Even though that the chef’s food is not so good, but he/she can learn to be better as long as they are honest. But if one’s is a liar, then it will be hard for them to make a change.



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