Playing video game is fun and all back in the old days. But today, since gamers really demand some challenges, the developer really push them to their limit. Today, we have seen so many games that want to claim as the hardest video games every created in the history of gaming. Are you the type of person who seeks challenges in gaming? Well, let’s see if you can handle the hardcore games that I’m about to show you below. Try them all if you’re up for the real challenge.

Top 4 Hardest Video Games For You Challenge Seekers

1. Dark Souls Franchises

Dark Souls Gameplay 1
Dark Souls Gameplay 2

It’s without a doubt, the Souls game is the hardest game every made in our lifetime. Some people play games like Super Mario to have fun, but others play Dark Souls to seek a torment for themselves. In this game, you will now the true meaning of hardcore gaming. There won’t be a tutorial, no minimap, and absolutely no health recharge system in Dark Souls. This game is pure skills and strategy to be played.

From the beginning of the game, you were only told that you are the lost soul who has┬áto reveal the secrets behind the place you’re must explore. Deadly enemies like ghouls, trolls, fallen knights, and much more huge monstrosities await you in every inch of Hall in Dark Souls. Like I said, with no minimap and no health recharge system, you will face the true challenge of your gaming experience.

2. Bloodborne

Bloodborne Gameplay 1
Bloodborne Gameplay 2

This game is developed by the same developer as Dark Souls, FromSoftware. The famous rating of DS franchise has made itself a new genre. Bloodborne’s gameplay is almost similar to the Souls game such as no minimap, your health won’t recharge itself, and monstrosities enemies. What makes this different is that you will play as the Hunter who must hunt down the source of a blood-borne disease that has been ravaging the city of Yharnam. Waves after waves of hideous beasts will attack you and you need to decimate them all and end the disease once and for all.

3. Tom Clancy’s The Division

The Division Gameplay 1
The Division Gameplay 2

If you’re looking for a challenging shooter game, The Division is the one that you should play. Since its released, many players said that this game is a nonsense, with bullet-sponges enemies that will attack you and kill you with a single bullet. Well, their words more or less are true about this game. This game tells about a virus outbreak event that ravaged the city of New York. And all the New Yorkers have all gone mad and kill each other for survival. You will play as one of the many gov sleeper agents who is been activated to restore society in the middle of the calamity event.

This game is an RPG, that means it’s all about the best character build system. Sure this game could be very stressful to be played when you’re head on against Elite rank enemies. They are very tough, hard to kill and they will kill you in a matter of one single shot if you’re defenseless. One thing for sure to kill them all with some good strategies, teamwork, and perfect weapons loadout.

4. Payday 2

Payday 2 Gameplay 1

Payday 2 is the game which came from your darkest desire to rob a bank with your buddies. Sure this game is really fun to play but if you’re looking for the true gameplay, you should choose the risk level Overkill and higher such as One Down difficulty. In this level, you will face to face with all of the strongest police enforcement that will stop you at all cost from robbing the bank.

I’ve seen some players of this game streaming their gameplay on One Down risk level. It seems that is pretty easy for them, but the truth behind it is different. They surely have hard times to deal with all the strong police units. In One Down risk, you will experience the true gameplay like you will never feel before. A good strategy, skills, and patience are needed to succeed the mission.

So, those are all the hardest video games that you can try if you’re up to the real challenges. Don’t ever said that gaming is easy and all fun if you haven’t tried all the games that I have mentioned above.


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