If you think that there are no more mystery left in this world, you are very wrong mate. There’s still lots of mystery that is unexplained by the logical sense in our brain. Today, I want to show you about the Dyatlov Pass incident that claims the lives of nine ski hikers. This tragic event happens in a ural mountain of Russia February 2, 1959. The event happened when the group of nine hikers set up camps on the slope of Kholat Syakhl. At that night, someone or something had forced them to run out of their tent to the cold mountain in the night. Some of them flee with full clothes, and the rest are barely wearing any socks. Don’t know what the reason, one of the tent was even ripped from inside as their way out of the tent.

And in the weeks after the incident, a group of searchers found all their bodies in a different place. They died because of hypothermia when running away from their tent into the cold real mountain. What makes it so mysterious is that the body of Lyudmila Dubinina is missing both her eyes and also her tongue.

Many hypotheses from several experts come to surface years after the incident happened. From the logical one to the unexplainable. Below is the list of the hypothesis of what has happened on that deadly night.

The Dyatlov Pass Incident | Hypothesis of What Happened There

1. Avalanches


Let’s start with the logical one. They set up camps in the slope of the mountain, sure thing like avalanche could happen anytime they were there. But evidence around the camp is not giving a signal to this theory. The environment around the camp is seemly fine, there’s no evidence avalanche had happened there.

2. Secret Military Activities

Secret Military Activity

There’s a theory that said this happen because of a covert military activity doing some test on their secret weapons that involving a sonar transmission which caused the panic of those hikers and makes them flee in the night. Maybe those nine ski hikers were just in the wrong place and the wrong time. Maybe the military silencing them to stop them from leaking any information, who knows, it’s just another theory.

3. Aliens


Now we have come to the illogical theory. Some believe that they were all killed by aliens who encountered them on the slope of the mountain. They saw an alien, panicked and started to run in haste into the woods. But this one theory is really hard to believe because there’s no strong evidence to back this up.

4. Wild Animals

Wild Animal

There’s a speculation that bear is the one who’s responsible for what happened there. But after few investigation, there were no any animals tracks on the scene, so this theory is off the list.

5. Yeti


For the believers of myth creature. This can be caused by the Yeti who lives on the mountain and prey on the innocent lives of the hikers.

So, those are all the theories of what had happened in the Dyatlov Pass Incident. From all the theories, the official Soviet investigators said that this is caused by “an unknown elemental forces” case closed. To make this even mystery, after the incident, the group of searchers set up camp near the scene in hope that they can know what happened on that tragic night. But after all the official statement has come out, the Kholat Syakhl is closing for the next four years. This leaves nothing but one question, what is really happening on that night?


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