The worldwide phenomenal game from Ubisoft called Tom Clancy’s The Division has successfully satisfied few of the hardcore gamers. The setting of Downtown Manhattan areas is beautifully rendered with the latest Snow Engine. If you are an old player or beginner in the game, there are things that you haven’t know it all probably. And today, I want to show you all the enemies in The Division that you need to know so you can handle them easily.

I’ve been playing this game for a year now, and I can give you one or two pieces of advice regarding about the enemies in the game. If you haven’t played this game before, it’s very important for you to read this. But if you are a long-time player, maybe some tips from can be useful for you. So, without further ado, let’s find out about all of them.

All The Enemies In The Division That You Need To Know

Before I explain all of this further, you need to know that Tom Clancy’s The Division has some layers of enemies. From the easy one like the Rioters to the elite LMB soldiers. So, let’s see them all below.

1. Rioters


This is the first level threat of Manhattan. Rioters are a group of civilians who just want to stay survive in the catastrophic event of the global pandemic. Their way of survival regards no one but themselves. They do not hesitate to kill others and they also packed with some firearms and some others armed with a bat that can rush towards to kill you. As this is the first level threat, you will always meet them throughout the corner of Manhattan areas.

2. Rikers


Rikers are the name of the group consist of convicted fellows from Rikers Island Correctional Facility. They all escape from the prison due to the overwhelmed warden because of the pandemic ravaging New York. They all got escaped and led by Larae Barret, a ruthless female convict. Together they try to use the pandemic to their advantage to claim the city as theirs. The Rikers are quite heavily armed especially when the times you need to take down Larae Barret. They are the kind of enemies that you need to think about a strategy to attack.

3. Cleaners


They are one of my favorite enemy faction in this game. The Cleaners are the people whose response to clean the city from infection of the pandemic. They are doing their job pretty well until their leader Joe Ferro decides to kill all living people in Manhattan without thinking if they are infected or not. The Cleaners unit can be troublesome for a period of time. When you encounter them, make sure you keep a distance from them otherwise if you’re too close, they will use a fiery flamethrower as their weapon to kill you. Some of the Cleaner armed with a small flamethrower, but if you encounter the boss, they will have a huge fiery weapon that can hurl flames from afar.

4. LMB

Last Man Battalion

LMB a sort of Last Man Battalion. They are the most the heavily armed enemy faction in The Division. The backstory of them is that they are a private military contractor whose hired to protect the areas of Wall Street and helping the rest of the law enforcement. But when the pandemic is getting out of control, the government abandon all of them, leaving the leader of LMB, Lieutenant Colonel Charles Bliss disappointed. And within the disappointment, Charles sees an opportunity to take back Manhattan as his own. And since then, the LMB is terrorizing all the remain living inside Manhattan regardless of who they are.

5. Rogue Agents

Rogue Agents

This is the most dangerous enemy in the game. They are the same agent in Security Homeland Division, but some of them went rogue and kill anyone in their path. The Rogues are led by Aaron Keener. He is gone rogue with the same reason as Colonel Bliss. He is abandoned when the city is no longer be able to be contained and he realized that he can become a king in what’s remain of New York City. The Rogue Agents are armed with all the state-of-the-art weapons and technology, same as you the player. So that is why they are the most dangerous enemy in the game. You need a cunning strategy and perfect loadout to deal with them.


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