I’m pretty sure that almost all of us have the desire to do something violent but we can’t do such thing in this real world we’re living in. That’s why video games were invented, to alter our true desire to hurt/destroy something. Have you ever want to play a game which you can violently murder everything or everyone in your path? Well, you’re lucky because as we see in today’s gaming, many developers will offer you so much blood and gore for your entertainment. Here I will tell you all the most violent games that I have ever known.

I have played a lot of games and lots of genres. From actions, puzzle, horror, and much more. There are many games out there that can fulfill your violent desire. To sort it out, let’s see the list that I have made below.

The Most Violent Games You Should Try

God of War

God of War
God of War Gameplay

If any gamers haven’t known this brutally amazing game, they haven’t really lived their lives. God of War is the true violent that a game could ever be. Kratos is a man you don’t want to mess around with. He is the one that slays all the Greek gods including his own father Zeus. He razed down all the Olympic just to satisfy his revenge. All the scary minions, huge Greek legendary monsters are no match for the fiery blade of Kratos. He has no regards for anyone but him and his own revenge. A true masterpiece of sadistic action games.

Doom (2016)

DOOM Gameplay

If video games, bullet, hell, and pure violent action are combined together, you will get Doom. Created by Id Software, Doom is the best game you can play if you’re looking for action, gore, and violent. Imagine hordes of Hell, unleashed on Mars because a scientist thinks that Hell has the potential energy resources which can be used for the betterment of mankind. This, however, gone wrong, and one man must take care of this problem for good. It is up to the Doomguy or the Doom Slayer to fix this up.

Kill hundreds over hundreds of hell dominion on Mars and you also need to go to hell for sometimes to slay all the giant demonic creature there to make sure that they won’t get to the living world. Shoot and squash all the demons with the new feature Glory Kill. You can kill lots of monsters in the goriest and violent ways possible. This new feature is what makes Doom is the best fast-paced action game ever made.


GTA V Gameplay

Everyone knows that GTA is a game full of controversial. One of its notorious controversies is violent offered in the game. If you are a psychopath, this game is yours. You can do almost any horrific action you can imagine. You can crush people with car, truck, or jet maybe. There’s one mission that proves GTA V is really violent and really unsuitable for kids above age, that mission is when Trevor torture a prisoner to get some information out of him. The player is offered with many hardware to be used by Trevor to torture the prisoner. The player must do the torture to get the information or else the mission is failed. That is just one of the proof that GTA is the dream for people who love brutality.

Well, those three are the most violent games I have ever known and played in my entire gaming life. Although there have been many cases where people do crimes because of the games they played, there’s no real proof that games caused those people to do crimes. The moral lesson is, think the game as just a game. Don’t over think it, it’s just an entertainment to escape the painful reality of this world.


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