Since the dawn of time, humankind never stops to make things to ease our lives. From the invention of wheels to the airplane that totally makes our transportation much more easier and faster. What are the greatest inventions that change our way of lives? If you want to know some of them, keep reading this page below.

The Greatest Inventions That Change Our World

1. Concrete


We may be unaware of this one, but concrete is a truly extraordinary invention the world’s ever known. A long time ago, we used to build structures only using woods or stones and the structures were never as high as Burj Khalifa in Dubai. But, as time goes on, someone invented concrete and the evolution of how we build structures begin. We now can build a building over 800 meters away to the sky. This concrete invention is truly mankind’s greatest achievement.

2. Wheels


Before we invented the wheel, we have a hard time moving a big object from one place to another. But, after the civilization made the first wheel out of solid woods, life becomes easier from time to time. And now in the modern days, we have seen the useful usage of wheels in our transportations like a car, train, plane, and pretty much more.

3. Electricity


Before mankind knows what is electricity and what it’s for, we live in a dark world. We only use fire to lighten up the darkness. But then, when we discover electricity and somehow we manage to make it beneficial for us by applying it with some machinery. And because of that, we now can enjoy the bright of a lamp, television, microwave, etc., 24/7! Isn’t that the greatest thing ever happened to human life?

4. Steam


Before electricity made to power up all the electrical things in our lives, there’s something we need to know where is it coming from. Steam, that’s the answer. It’s also the greatest human achievement ever known. Steam is a product when water is boiled to its boiling point. The water evaporates and that evaporation is called steam. It commonly used to energize turbine that generating electricity. So that is why steam is playing an important role in our lives.

5. Internet


One of the great invention that has changed the way of the world works is the internet. Never before we are so easily connected to each other. We feel closer to everything around the world. Distance is no longer an obstacle now for internet has made the world united in one website. Any kind of information you can get from the internet. If you need some news about the world today, you can hook up the internet and see what happens today, or maybe do you want shopping? You can do that now without having to get out of the house. All of that thanks to the invention of the majestic internet.

6. Camera


You’re on holiday and enjoying the sun at the beach. You wish this kind of moment will never go, you’re lucky because someone invented the camera and you can save your precious moments forever. A camera is another great thing of what human can do with its brilliant mind. Someone named George Eastman invented the first camera in 1888-1889.

7. Planes


When our ancestors want to travel to the other side of the planet, it took them a very long time to do it. It took a long time because they don’t have the transportation, the best thing they got is a ship, and they need months to travel to far away places. But now, we can travel around the world in hours. All that thanks to the existence of airplane. Airplane makes everything easier for us. It took only a couple of hours to go from one country to another. That is the best thing that human ever achieve.

So those 7 great inventions are few examples of how brilliant human brain is. What we supposed to do is to keep inventing and never stop. Bring humankind to the edge of evolution.


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