Are you looking for a unique RPG game like no other? Have you heard about the Greedy Cave? It’s an amazing game which is about adventuring dungeons as far as you can. What makes this game unique and worth playing? The unique thing is that you explore dungeons as far as you can and if you are killed by some monsters in the cave, you need to start the dungeon all over again. Sounds so difficult, isn’t it? Well, because of that, I want to share with you about the Greedy Cave tips and tricks. Trust me, you will need to learn all the tips you can find because if you haven’t known this game too well, you ended up being killed easily in the dungeons. See all the tips and trick to ease your exploration below.

The Greedy Cave Tips and Tricks To Survive and Thrive

The Greedy Cave Gameplay


1. It’s About Exploring

The one thing you need first to know is that this game is about exploring dungeon as far as you can. The first dungeon you enter is the level 1, and after you clear a dungeon, another door will open for you so you can proceed to another one. Keep going through the enemies to get to another dungeon.

2. Killing Monsters

For newcomers, when you first start exploring, kill all the small monsters you encounter. Once you kill them, they can drop equipment or some consumption items. If you are long time player, you better avoid fighting a small monster because it will only result in unnecessary damage to your character.

3. Item Management

Managing item is the vital key to survival when you keep exploring the dungeon. Manage your item and use items like healing potions strategically.¬†Escape scroll will be your best item when you in deep dungeons. It’s the spell which you can use to instantly escape the dungeon and return to the town center. Use it only as the last resort. Believe me, that item will be very useful in situations full of heat.

Wrong decision of item management will only waste your precious potions. So, manage it correctly and you can survive longer.

4. Crystals

If you want to be the best and prove yourself to be the strongest player in the game, then you need lots of Crystals. You need it to buy all the best armors and weapons so you can easily slay all the hard monsters. Getting Crystals is not as easy as you thought. But if you use the Greedy Cave hack, everything can be as easy as breathing. You will feel a lot easier gameplay if you buy all the items using Crystal. It’s the premium currency so, it will guarantee you a premium experience.

So, those are all four of the Greedy Cave tips and tricks you should know about. The most important is that you prepare everything neatly before you go into the dungeon. Once you enter, the battle will get harder and harder. This game is perfect for gamers looking for new experience of RPG game and looking for a challenge.


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