There are literally thousands of games on the mobile platform we have seen today. Some of them are great and the rest is just OKAY. Some of you today may know the term IO games. Some of the games are now titled with IO. We probably don’t know what that means but there are some of the best IO games on Play Store that you can try. Today, I’ll try to give you some recommendations for some of the great IO games that is worth a try. To see all the list, check it out below.

Three of The Best IO Games on Play Store

1. Slither.Io

Slither IO


When this game released a couple of years ago, I thought this is just another crappy indie game. But since this game enables multiplayer, I decided to give it a try. And from my experience playing this game, I can say that this game is truly a simple masterpiece. You just play as a snake and try to eat each other so you can get bigger and bigger. The bigger you are, the more you can dominate the other. Slither.Io can be played both offline and online, that what gives this game a bonus score.

2. Crash of Cars

Crash of Cars

A simple car game about crashing and wrecking each other is what Crash of Cars about. Play in a deadly multiplayer match against other players’ cars. There are dozens of cars you can use. They are all divided into four rarities, common, rare, epic, and legendary. If own a legendary car, it will come with an amazing unique specialty. With its own style of graphic, Crash of Cars is setting its own style of IO gaming.

3. Arrow.Io

Arrow IO

Playing this game reminds me of battle in Hunger Games. You are in an arena and you must fight to the death with other players using bow and arrow. Pick different kinds of the arrow so you can deal various damage to the enemies. The goal in this game is to survive and set the highest score as much as you can.

4. Hide.Io

Hide IO

Ever thought to play hide and seek on a mobile game? Then you definitely should try this one now. Hide.Io is the online multiplayer game where one of you must be the one who must search the other players and the rest must hide from the searcher. Play in ever changing maps. Use your strategy to hide in the best place so no one will find you and you can win the game.

5. Tanks.Io

Tanks IO

Do you live tanks? Wanna drive them and blow another tank? Then download and play this one because it’s the perfect game for you. Play in a fast-paced multiplayer match with no one as friends, just straight free for all match.

So, those are five of the best IO games on Play Store that I can recommend to you. I love them all but my favorite is the Crash of Cars. I think it’s the best one because it offers you fast-paced action and competitive multiplayer match. There are hundreds of other IO games out there but only a few of them that are really good.


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