Cake, has been used in plenty special occasions like birthday and wedding for such a long time. Cakes can represent the fun and cheerful atmosphere to an event like a wedding. The thing that special about cakes in a wedding is that the shape and theme are the best to look at. If mostly the wedding cakes that you saw in a wedding is big and plain white, today I want to share with you some of the unique wedding cakes ever made. To see all the unique cakes, see them all below.

7 of a Unique Wedding Cakes

1. Gamers’ Wedding Cake

Gamers' Wedding Cake

Gamer usually said that ”I will keep playing games till my last breath” well after you see the cake above, may be some of the games will change their mindset. When you’re married, you must let go your gaming hobby and start to focus on your future with your wife. The cake above really send the message that every gamer must know when to stop, especially for your wedding or else, your wife will drag your ass out, LOL.

2. Lego-Themed Wedding Cake

Lego-Themed Wedding Cake

I must admit that hobby is something that is hard to die. And the wedding cake themed with Lego is something to prove that. For people who love Lego so much, they want their wedding to involve this worldwide phenomenal toys. The cake above is really charming, isn’t it? Let’s just hope that is real cake and not a Lego brick.

3. Nerd Style Wedding Cake

Nerd Style Wedding Cake

The book is the window to see the world. Some people take that words seriously. And because of that, they make a wedding cake that looks like a stack of famous books like the Hobbit from J.R.R. Tolkien. That cake really showing the personality of the couple.

4. Upside-down and Suspended Wedding Cake

Upside-down and Suspended Wedding Cake

Some couple just wants to make their wedding really special. To make it special, they make their wedding cake upside-down and suspended in the ceiling like the cake pictured above. It’s a great combination of beautiful cakes and the wonderful chandelier. This is the anti-mainstream wedding cake if you’re asking me.

5. Majestic Castle Wedding Cake

Majestic Castle Wedding Cake

Some people love simple cake, others want their wedding cake to be majestic and wonderful. The cake above is the example of how cake can be super awesome and majestic. With the shape that looks like Victorian era castle, this cake is really outstanding!

6. Zombie Themed Cake

Zombie Themed Cake

If you want something really unique for your cake, you can try zombie for the theme. It’s something really unique and special I think. Seeing the cake with some zombies as the decoration and the couple is shooting all the undead is really special.

7. Bride’s Gown Themed Cake

Bride's Gown Themed Cake

The picture above is not a gown that is usually worn by the bride in a wedding. The picture above is a cake, with the size of a real wedding gown. When you came into a wedding event and see this cake for the first time, you probably don’t know that it’s a cake. A beautiful combination of the luxuries of gown and cake.

So, those are all some of the gorgeous wedding cakes I want to show you. Some of them are beautiful and there are other that is unique and anti-mainstream. Whatever the style is, you can apply it to your wedding cakes, as long as it’s good for you.



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