There’s no better way to show a devastating world and its civilization than movies. A movie is a great way to express the unlimited imaginative thinking of humankind. By unlimited I mean it’s really unlimited, you can make a movie that depicts the world has ended and the humanity is struggling to survive day by day. If you want to know all some of the best Post-apocalyptic movies ever made, I can give you some recommendations for such genre that you really should watch. All the movies I recommend below are all my opinion, if you have different said, you can give your opinion on the comment, so here it goes.

6 Best Post-Apocalyptic Movies Ever

1. Mad Max

Mad Max

There’s no doubt that Mad Max is the best representative of how we see the world that has been destroyed by nuclear war. This movie has been growing into several sequels but the story still focusing on Max Rockatansky, a former police officer whose family was murdered by a gang of bikers in a time of world crisis. The thing that Max wants is just to avoid anything and everything. He just wants to live on the devastated Earth alone. But he must fight all through hell to get what he wanted. Max must deal with all the crazy people that battling each other to over food and other supplies.

2. The Book of Eli

The Book of Eli

This Post-apocalyptic movie is probably the only one that uses Bible references. The world of Eli is full of death, disease, and violence. Religion is something that doesn’t exist anymore. And Eli, the protagonist, is the only person that holds the last Bible ever and he has a mission to bring the Bible into somewhere safe. Eli got lots of obstacles throughout his journey, and in the end, the movie revealed that Eli is a blind man throughout the movie, and he only uses a guide from God on his journey.

3. Waterworld


Kevin Costner really did an awesome act of this movie. Waterworld is a movie that shows what horror lies after the global warming successfully melt all the ice caps in the world. Everyone there must stay survive a flooded world. A child with a mysterious tattoo that leads to the last solid ground on Earth is the center of the story. Kevin Costner must guard the children at any cost in the middle of a war of crazy people.

4. I Am Legend

I Am Legend

Will Smith is the last man on Earth, but even though the reality is hurting him, but he never gives up. He is a doctor who does research to turn back people from a zombified condition. But his life really changes when a woman and her child came into his life and saying that he is not the last human on Earth. In the end, he finally finished his research and found the cure to the disease.

5. Zombieland


A zombie apocalypse has never been so much thrill and fun in this movie. A group of teenager and one adult must stay survive in the world devastated by mad cow disease that turns people into zombies. In their survival, they still have the problem with the lack of trust among each other. The best thing about this movie is that it’s showing how fun it’s to kill a zombie.

6. The Colony

The Colony

Everyone thinking about the end of the world with fire or because of global warming. But, in this movie, you will see that the world has ended and become a frozen tundra all over it. The rest of the human must stay survive underground and try to live normally. But life is hard because some of the surviving humans is a cannibal community. They can’t live in harmony, so a battle for survival is inevitable.


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