Some people choose cat or dog as their pet. But there are some others like me who love fishes in the aquarium as pets and hobbies. Choosing certain fishes for your aquarium need a little bit of planning. Carefully chose your fish in your tank because if you’re new to this kind of hobby, picking the fish that you don’t fully understand would be ended with catastrophic. If you’re a beginner like me here, you may want to pay attention to my suggestions for best fishes for a freshwater aquarium. I want to share with you some suggestions of which kind of fish that is hardy and easy to take care of. If you don’t have enough time to spend to take care of your fish, chose the kind of fish that is hardy and easy to take care of like all the list of fishes below.

7 Best Fishes For a Freshwater Aquarium

1. Guppy


This small cute fish is the most famous fish among aquarium hobbyists. This fish is widely spread across the world. Guppy has famously known its hardiness. They are easy to take care of. They can eat small worms or small pellets. With plenty of color pattern for each fish this surely the best choice. If you want to choose this as the inhabitants of your tank, I recommend that you buy a lot of them because they will create beautiful sights for your aquarium.

2. Neon Tetra

Neon Tetra

Another small beautiful fish that you can make as your consideration for your pet fish. Neon Tetra is a small fish with bright color on its body. There are many kinds of Tetra, but the one that I recommend for you would be the Neon Tetra because their color will glow when it’s shined with lights. Because Neon Tetra is a small fish, it’s best that you buy lots of them at once.

3. Golden Fish

Golden Fish

This golden fish is another best fish for the aquarium. It’s an icon for aquarium hobbyists. Gold fish has plenty of types and color pattern. Their round body and their bubbly head will amaze you when they are swimming around the tank. If you prefer this fish inside your tank, make sure that you have already installed a filtration and an air pump, because gold fish will die if they don’t get enough oxygen in the water. And also make sure that you don’t have aggressive fish because gold fish is vulnerable to other fishes’ attacks.

4. Betta Fish

Betta Fish

Well, I was talking about aggressive fish before, and betta fish is one of the aggressive fish that I ever know. Fortunately, betta fish will only behave aggressively when they encounter another betta. If you’re planning to have one of this in your tank, it’s a great idea. But you must only have one betta in your tank otherwise they will fight to the death if you have two of them in the same aquarium.

5. Swordtail


Swordtail fish is included in a type of small fishes. They are famous for their beautiful color and tail that looks like a sword. Only the male swordtail that has the sword on its tail. The reason for that maybe in nature the sword is the thing to attract the opposite sex to mate. But as an aquarium pet, swordtail is one of the unique fish among others.

6. Tiger Barb Fish

Tiger Barb

A tiger barb fish or Sumatra barb, is a fish originally found throughout the Malay Peninsula, Sumatra, and Borneo Indonesia. It’s a beautiful fish with a tiger-like color pattern in its body. As far as I know, tiger barb is a quite peaceful fish that you can add to your tank and blend among other fishes.

7. Lemon Fish

Lemon Fish

I don’t what others’ experience of having lemon fish, but I have a bad experience with this fish. In my experience, lemon fish is the most aggressive fish in the aquarium. I have four of them and once they have all my neon tetra collection killed and eaten. Although, I must admit that lemon fish is such a beautiful fish to have in a tank. With their bright yellow color all over their body, this fish is a great addition to the tank. But I must remind you that this is an aggressive fish, it will attack others if you didn’t notice.


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