Gun is something that is very important for action games. It’s the holy grail of all action game lovers. It’s the thing that determines how an action game can be loved or hated. Since we were a child, we loved to imagine wielding powerful weapons to destroy monsters. Unfortunately, the video game is the only media that we are able to wield such weapons. But, if we are given a chance to see the real and working crazy weapons from video games, what weapons would you like to see? Well, today, I’m going to talk about all the best and unique weapons in games that we hope it’s a real thing. See them all below.

5 Crazy Weapons From Video Games We Hope It’s Exit

1. MIRV Launcher (Fallout 4)

MIRV Launcher (Fallout 4)

If you play the game Fallout 4 or any series of the title, then you would already know what is MIRV Launcher is. For those who haven’t know it, it’s a portable nuclear warhead launcher. Yes, it launches nuclear bomb straight to your target and it will create the famous blast of mushroom clouds. The size of MIRV Launcher is like a common rocket launcher among military but this one is armed with a small version of Fat Man atom bomb. If we have the chance to see this such horrifying weapon ever created and fired, no one knows who will survive the war.

2. Laser Musket (Fallout 4)

Laser Musket (Fallout 4)

Another weapon from Fallout universe. This game totally nailed it for creating weapons that are so awesome and deadly at the same time. If you play the game, the laser musket is a laser gun that you must crank several times to load up the laser and unleash the devastating effect to the target. In the game, 5 to 6 crank will instantly disintegrate a person. If this weapon really exists in real life, I wouldn’t bother the owner of this gun.

3. MK2 Lancer Assault Rifle

MK2 Lancer Assault Rifle

This weapon came from the Gears of War video game. This gun is the dream of all fan boys in the world. Imagine a machine gun combined with a chainsaw and you’ll get the MK2 Lancer. The fully automatic machine gun will decimate all the foe from range and if the enemy got closer, you have to deal with them by using the chainsaw and start cutting them in half! But unfortunately, this weapon never exists in real life. This weapon would be the best choice for the man in a zombie apocalypse.



Well, some of you probably know this gun if you played DOOM long enough. BFG is short of Big Fragging Gun, or you can just name it Big F***ing Gun. The name really stands for its size. BFG weapon is a deadly tool that you can unleash to the demons. One blast from this weapon could instantly explode a group of demons in your way. If this weapon ever created and really working, this would be the best home defense weapon ever exist and no one would even dare to break into your home.

5. Flail Gun (Bulletstorm)

Flail Gun (Bulletstorm)

If you ever play the fantastic action game Bulletstorm, you probably want this deadly weapon make into real life existence. A flail gun is a weapon that fired grenades with a chain that can bind your enemies and blow them up into pieces. If a normal flail gun is just a weapon that fired chains to disable the target, but in this game, the gun will bind the enemies with ready-to-blow grenades.

So, those are all 5 of the crazy weapons from video games that every gamer hope to be real in our life. It would be great to see them real and working. But it will be a horrifying weapon if it’s used for world war.


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