We all really fun when a game like Minecraft is made to this world. It’s a game where we can explore the world, gather stuff, and build magnificent structures ever made. While Minecraft has big fans, there is one game that can challenge it. The game that ready to take down the fame of Minecraft is Roblox. What is Roblox? It’s a social gaming platform that can be played multiplayer with people from across the world. You can build stuff too like in Minecraft. Is the game really fun and deserve a place beside Minecraft? Well, get to know more about the game here so you know the reason.

What Is Roblox?

This game is firstly developed and release its demo in 2004. Before the developer named it Roblox, this game firstly named as DynaBlocks. The game received great critics from gamers from around the world. The reason for its fame is because of the great features inside.

The Gameplay

Roblox Gameplay

Roblox is actually a social gaming platform where you will have an avatar to represent you in the game lobby. The gameplay of this game depends on which game lobby you enter. A game that you play is made by another user of Roblox. People will create a custom game with their imagination and you can enter their game to play together. That is what this game emphasizing, to build stuff that the developer provides. But the most important thing in this game is your avatar. Everyone in the game knows that the best avatar will look stand out in the crowd. People with standard avatar will get mocked. You can customize your avatar with all the crazy customization you can ever think of.

But, you’re going to need plenty of Robux and Tix if you want to be stand out among other people in the game. Robux is the primary currency in the game. There are various ways you can try to get Robux in Roblox.

The Good About This Game

Well, to be honest, Roblox is an amazing game where you can meet and play with people from around the world. The freedom of creating a custom game and customizing your avatar is also factors that make this game is amazing and the second best after Minecraft. Your imagination is unlimited in this game. Build even the most ridiculous structures ever seen by people.

The Bad About This Game

Although this game has pretty amazing things featured. There is one downside that makes this game look bad. The bad thing in this game is that you need Robux to get famous and look cool. Because looking cool is everything here, then you need lots of Robux to buy all the fancy cost for your avatar and then you can look stand out from others. Rather than you wasting your credit card, you can use Robux and Tix hack cheats to get those currencies easily and free. You can find such thing on the internet. Trust me, it’s better than wasting your precious money.



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