Maintaining an aquarium is not as easy as it might sound. If you’re the type of person who deeply cares about what they are doing, then maintaining the aquarium tank is an easy task. There are some important equipment for your aquarium that you must have if you’re taking this fish keeping hobby seriously. Well, I’m here to help you giving suggestions for all the things that you need to have. Whether you’re new to this hobby, or you’re the people who want to get into this hobby after reading this article. So, within further talks, let’s get right down to the info below.

6 Important Equipment For Your Aquarium

1. Filter


It’s obvious that filter is the critical piece of equipment that every aquarium owner must have. The filter is used to maintaining the cleanliness quality your water in the tank. There are two kinds of filter you can choose from the market. There are hanging filter and power-head filter. The hanging filter is the simplest filter available, all you have to is just put some filtration materials like wool, bio balls, bioceramic, and much more. And the other filter is the power-head filter, it’s the type of filter that you can modify how it will do the filtration.

2. Gravel

Aquarium Gravel

Apart from the aesthetic benefit to the aquarium, gravel is also played important for the cleanliness of an aquarium. You need to know that fishes do produce waste. And if you don’t use gravel, all the wastes are just floating around or sunk at the bottom of the aquarium glass. If you don’t want such debris making your aquarium ugly and dirty, then the gravel is the answer to hide those things for a while. Nevertheless, you still need to clear all the gravel once in a while if you got the time.

3. Lighting


To make your fish tank looks fabulous, give it a little lighting and it will look amazing. An aquarium light is not just for aesthetic factor, it also helps the plants in your tank to photosynthesis if you got any plants in your tank. Otherwise, if you don’t want to use a single plant, you can still use the leg as the aesthetic benefit.

4. Air pump

Air pump

Generating air within your aquarium is vital for the fishes inside. Despite your fishes need water, they do need oxygen to live. The equipment best for generating oxygen is the air pump. There are lots of air pump product you can choose and I must say that each product has its own value. I know that air pump can be really noisy at sometimes. But, as we are living in the modern world, there is now an air pump that quite silent in the usage.

Additional Equipment

5. Heater


If you’re living in cold places, a heater is something that you must have. The water in your aquarium must be at the correct temperature. The water must not too hot or too cold for the fish. If the problem in your environment is too cold, then a heater is the equipment you need. The heater will generate heat to your aquarium and the temperature will be suitable for fish despite the cold weather outside your house.

6. Chlorine Removal

Chlorine Removal

Although that I hate to use chemical, at some point you need it. If you use tap water for your tank, it might have some amount of chlorine inside. Chlorine in high concentration is bad for your fish and tap water is commonly filled with chlorine. How to remove this? You can use chemical product which has the ability to clear out the chlorine level in your water.


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