The definition of smartphone is a thing that is very smart and can do plenty of things to ease our lives. One usage that most of us get benefited is the file storing. Most smartphone nowadays has the ability to store huge amount of data files. All the data like documents, games, photos, videos, and etc are easily stored inside your device. In case you haven’t known, there’s one best application for your Android to manage all your complex data files and that app is ES File Explorer.

ES File Manager is the best file manager application on Android or iOS. The application is free to download on Google Play Store or App Store for iOS platform. ES has lots of great features that can maximize the function of your smartphone. Want to know all the detail about this awesome file manager? Check them all out in my review below.

ES File Explorer, The Best File Manager For Your Smartphone

ES File Explorer Features


There are some great features that make this app deserve the title as the best file manager on your phone. Read all the features below.

Managing Files

Of course, one main feature of this app would be managing all your files in your device. This app has the ability to differentiate your files types and arrange them into different categories. You can have them all deleted, moved, copied, and much more with the help of this app.

Remote Access To Your Files

Apart from accessing the data inside your device, this app can also store your data in the cloud system it has. Conveniently store your files on cloud servers so it doesn’t take much of space on your SD card anymore. You can also use FTP method to access your data remotely.

Extracting Files, Smart Charger, Cache Cleaner, and Much More

There are plenty of extra good features in ES File Explorer such as the unpacking an RAR or ZIP file as you can do on your computer. There’s also Smart Charger and Cache Cleaner. The smart charger will monitor how you charge your phone and the cache cleaner will clean all your cache files, which is garbage anyway.

The Good

All the features above are all the good thing you can have from this app. Besides that, this app is also free and it keeps updating to make the app works better and better. There is also the paid version of this app which has special features like no add at all.

The Bad

Well, there’s no such thing as total perfection. Even in an app such as this awesome file manager, there are still some bugs that make it not functioning normally. Sometimes when you’re using the FTP method, it doesn’t work. That is one example of the downside. Another bad thing is that the adds. Sometimes, the ad is really annoying. But, for the free users, you can’t have much complained. If you don’t want to see ads, purchase the pro version.


As modern users, we need file manager application such as this ES File Manager. It’s the best app ever made. It’s free, it’s light, and it’s always updated with more features. All in all, this is the best file manager for all kinds of smartphones.


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