War For The Planet Of The Apes is the movie where you’re going to questioning the sanity level of man. It’s a movie where human battling apes for supremacy. The basic question that many people would say is that the human is the side that will win no matter what happens. Well, if you have already watched the movie, you will realize that both sides are equally strong even though that mankind has stronger firepower.

I tried my best to deliver you the best War For the Planet of the Apes review here without having to spoil the best moments of the movie. I love reviewing movies, and this movie I think is the best one in the whole series of Apes movies.

War For the Planet of the Apes

The Cast


We will never be able to see James Franco again in this ape movie because this movie had gone far from the first movie. In this title, you will be entertained with many new faces for the human side. The top star in the movie is Woody Harelson, played the role as the Commander who leads a rogue battalion called Alpha-Omega. As in the ape’s side, the role of Ceasar is still played by Andy Serkins. Serkins still believed to play the role of the leader or the apes and he acts it wonderfully.

The Story

After the story in Dawn of the Planet of The Apes ends with the human manages to call for help from the military, the war between humans and apes is getting tense. Now the war almost brings the apes to edge, but they are refused to go without a fight. And Ceasar believes that he is not starting this war but he will surely end it. Ceasar and his followers must fight the cruel Commander of the Alpha-Omega for survival. The human might look like has the advantage but in the end, something that really shocks is happening and both sides realizing what will happen to the rest of the world. That’s what I can summarize the story in the movie. I don’t want to spoil so much here.

The Action

The Action

As usual, the ape’s movie is going to be full of action and also drama. You will see lots of gun actions and heartbreaking drama from both human and ape side. This final trilogy is the best to summarize this series that has been running for almost a decade.


For you fans of this series, War For the Planet of the Apes is the final epic conclusion to this blockbuster ape movies. The epic story of the clash between men and apes, the animal that we thought to be dumb and stupid is knowing the key between the extinction of mankind. Ceasar leads all his family to the end of his life. This movie I think really, definitely, must watch. If you missed this movie while it’s in theater, you can purchase the digital version of this couple of weeks or months later.



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